• The Community Guest Tour Group Is Coming To Baltimore For BronyCon

    BronyCon has another presser covering some of their big name community guests that will be in attendance. Head on down below the break to check it out~

    (BALTIMORE) - In just over a month, BronyCon and its thousands of attendees and guests will descend onto Baltimore for an unforgettable weekend. Today, we’re happy to announce that some of the biggest and most recognizable faces from the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” fandom will be joining us this July 27-29.

    For the first time ever, nine unique personalities will be joining on as Community Guests. All nine are known for their work in fan created productions, insightful opinions related to MLP, art work, and more.

    • Nowacking; fandom voice actor and writer; known for playing Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 in various animations and songs.
    • TheLostNarrator; Youtuber known for her fanfic reading productions, blooper reels, and comic dubs
    • Magpiepony; creator of the popular YouTube series "Princess Trixie Sparkle,” "Pinkie Tales;” also various animation projects, comics, and songs
    • SaberSpark; a YouTube analyst with nearly 500 thousand subscribers; regular guest on the series “Bronies React” and “Hooves Line Is It Anyway?” at BronyCon.
    • ACRacebest; creator of “Bronies React;” producer of comedy sketches, vlogs, and other such content; guest on “Hooves Line Is It Anyway?” at BronyCon.
    • Dustykatt; popular Brony personality who has entertained millions through podcasts, Bronies React, and a new online series, “Thatch and Dial;” MC for BronyCon’s Charity Auction on Sunday, July 29.
    • Obabscribbler; YouTuber and author with over 350 stories to her name who specializing in audio productions; collaborator with many YouTube personalities, lending her voice and skills to many fan projects.
    • Silver Quill; Comic creator and analyst for the MLP Community; on many, many panels and events in BronyCon.
    • Trish Forstner; artist for BronyCon and IDW; catch her in the Marketplace over the weekend.

    More information on each of the guests can be found at http://bronycon.org/guests/. Specific event information, such as location and times, will be posted to the website within the next few weeks.

    To register, visit BronyCon’s registration page. Badges for BronyCon will cost more at the door, so don’t wait! Also make sure you are following BronyCon on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to be the first to hear our latest announcements.

    About BronyCon: Based in Baltimore, Md., the tenth iteration of BronyCon is scheduled for July 27-29, 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The convention features special guests, diverse programming, events, and a multi-night music festival featuring 12 hours of live music from some of the greatest fandom musicians. For more information, check out bronycon.org.