• (Updated) Knockoff My Little Pony Fireworks are Causing Drama in North Carolina

    It wouldn't be a good month if we didn't have some drama involving cartoon horses that are only slightly related to MLP now would it? Over in North Carolina, a very My Little Pony looking unicorn (as the news is putting it) has started popping up in fireworks shops. She fires sparklers out of the horn slot, and every once in a while a little rocket shoots off.

    Parents and firefighters are worried that kids will think these are toys, or beginner fireworks, when they really do actually blast some pretty wicked flames out.

    Head on over here if you want to see the news report!

    As of 7/4, Hasbro has released an official statement: 

    “Hasbro does not manufacture fireworks, nor licenses any of our brands to fireworks manufacturers. We are troubled by recent reports of fireworks that are said to resemble My Little Pony characters and are immediately investigating. We encourage consumers to contact their local fire departments to learn about fireworks safety to have a safe 4th of July.”

    Thanks to Hugbell for the heads up.