• The BronyCon Memorial Project - Share Your Memories

    For many of us the conventions in the fandom have provided wonderful memories, chances to meet new and current friends, mingle with members of the show staff and the community at large all while enjoying panels, merchandise, and the cities they take place in.

    With the closing of BronyCon, the largest and oldest pony convention, many of us have memories of the convention, whether you were there during the very early days in New York or were a frequent visitor to Baltimore. I still remember my first visit to BronyCon in 2012: my very first convention, let alone pony convention.

    This brings me to a new project that has been announced called the BronyCon Memorial Project whose goal is to collect your pictures and memories of the convention and share your thoughts on what made BronyCon so special to you.

    Check on after the break for the full details.

    Most of us in the community, from former staffers to attendees, have fond memories of BronyCon throughout the years. From its humble roots as a 100-person gathering in New York, to its glorious peak of 10,000 happy pony people in Baltimore, the convention has had an amazing life. Let's remember all the fun we had together.
    Presenting the BronyCon Memorial project at BronyConMemorial.orgUpload a photo of you (or an image of your OC) and optionally answer a few basic historical questions (which BronyCons did you attend? Were you a vendor? A panelist? Stuff like that.), and your record will be added to the site, which will feature a massive photo-mosaic (see image for a sample) of all the accumulated entries.
    But bronies being bronies, there is a massive charity twist: A huge reproduction of the mosaic will be professionally printed, framed, and donated to BronyCon 2019 (The last one!) for the charity auction.
    Be a part of history, and remember the history that was made by the Baltimore institution. Remember BronyCon and be a part of its legacy of fun, friendship, and PONY!

    Gallop to BronyConMemorial.org today to add your image.

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