• New Pinkie Pie MLP Baking Book Set to Release Next Year

    Amazon has listed up a new book starring Pinkie Pie as she busts out 50 recipes covering everything from cakes and cookies to pizzas. I'm more amazed at that cake on the cover though. It looks so good...

    Head on down below the break for the description. Or just go get it over here. Expect an April 2019 release date. Yeah... it's kinda far out.

    This eye-popping book, packed with color and wonder, will transport young readers into the world of My Little Pony, specifically, the Sugar Cube Corner Bakery where fan-favorite pony Pinkie Pie works for Mr. and Mrs. Cake, the two pony bakers who create all of the tastiest treats in town.

    Pinkie Pie will give readers a “tour” of the bakery, during which readers will learn all about baking. She’ll also share why baking is great, how it makes people happy, feeds them, expresses love, and more. She’ll then share 50 or her favorite, easy-to-make recipes, designed to require a minimum of help from parents and caregivers.

    Each recipe appears in full, vibrant color, with commentary and advice provided by the most popular My Little Pony characters.

    Recipe sections include:
    · Cakes and cupcakes
    · Pies
    · Cookies and bars
    · Breads
    · Breakfast treats
    · Pizzas
    · Other savory surprises!

    Thanks to Nightmare Muffin and Pulitinia for the heads up.