• New Update on the Future of My Little Pony Past Season 9 From Mike Vogel

    Earlier today, we popped a Tweet up from Friendship is Magic writer Mike Vogel talking about LGBT ponies and the future of the show. He noted that there was a season and a half left of our current pony run. It looks like this might not be entirely accurate though from a completely confirmed front. His new tweet points out that since he is no longer working directly for Hasbro, he has no idea if that actually is the end. A season and a half is all that he is able to confirm so far. It also follows what we had leak last year.

    He also dropped a general message for the pony masses:

    "Although I WILL add that if Hasbro DOES do more MLP:FiM and I get to continue writing on it I STILL think the fandom's time is better spent focusing on the characters you love and not the one or two that may not be faves."

    Tweets are down below.

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