• Kazumi Evans and Shannon Chan-Kent Heading to Ponyville Ciderfest 2018

    Kazumi Evans and Shannon Chan-Kent are both making their way to Ponyville Ciderfest this year! If you want to meet them, get the infos down below.

    Kazumi art by Twisted Sketch, Ruef, & Sweet Cream
    Shannon art by Midnight Premiere

    We're proud to bring back Ponyville Ciderfest to Milwaukee for the 5th time this October! And we can't wait to celebrate all things music in the My Little Pony fandom. Numerous great acts will take the stage and belt out your favorite songs and melodies. Fans will groove and dance to the beats in one big rocking weekend.

    However, it wouldn't be a great music festival without some headline acts for everyone to love. With that in mind, we're happy to announce, not one, but two Guests of Honor for Ciderfest 2018! Please welcome the singing voices of Rarity and Pinkie Pie, Kazumi Evans and Shannon Chan-Kent as our first Guests of Honor!

    You may also know Kazumi as the voice of Octavia, Moondancer, and Adagio Dazzle, and Shannon can also be heard as the voice of Silver Spoon, Smolder and Wallflower Blush. This will be Kazumi’s first time back to our cons since Whinny City 2016, and Shannon’s first time to our area ever!

    If you want to meet Kazumi and Shannon this October, there’s plenty of ways to make that happen! Several types of Special Badges are available now, including multiple Patron and Sponsor Badge options! Patron and Sponsor badges provide a wide range of perks, including tickets to our VIP Cocktail Hour, exclusive prints and swag, autograph line priority, and more! These range from our Spike Patron Badge for $150 to the Alicorn Sponsor Badge for $550. Regular Weekend badges are available as well for the pre-registration price of $50. Applications for Community Guests, Panels and Games, and of course Musicians are still open on our website as well.
    No matter how you plan on joining us this year, we're busy getting ready for you! We hope you're ready too!