• TOY REVIEW: Equestria Girls Mini Figurines

    It's toy review time! While waiting for the new My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Crew Toyline to release--supposedly wave 1 will hit sometime this month--I'll be reviewing some of the other new MLP Toys that have come out in the last couple of months. Or have just hit US shores... like today's review items.

    One of the more interesting, and obscure, new pieces of merchandise to come out for the Equestria Girls toy line--I'm talking ever and not just in the past few years--is the line of Equestria Girls Mini Figurines. These first appeared in an online shopping market in Thailand way back in January 2018, but since then we've gotten little or no information about them.

    Until these popped up in Five Below Locations around the US last week. After the break, we'll take a close look at these Equestria Girls Mini Figurines!

    Packaging wise, these figures are sold on blister cards. Believe it or not this actually helps to keep the price point down under $5, so aside from the front and the back of the card there really isn't too much to talk about.

    Though the amount of text on the back of blister cards have gone up significantly since I was a kid. It's all standard information of course, but it is still a little surprising to see more than just a barcode, made in *insert country here*, and the manufacturers logo.

    The one thing I wish was included on the back, but isn't, is a checklist for the remaining figures in the wave. I knew from the initial announcement back in January that there were four toys in the wave, but for those who don't know that information going in, they are probably going to miss out on a couple of figures.

    Speaking of the figures, just look at that Pinkie Pie! Even with the slightly simplified design, it is obvious this is supposed to be the EQG "Reboot" designs for the characters. While light on the paints, the molded/colored plastics give off enough color variation to invoke the animated toy design.

    The one detail that I really like on these figures is the cutie mark shaped sparkle in the eyes. That design choice is inspired and would definitely be something hard to cover up/replicate if anyone felt the urge to repaint the figure to be 100% screen/character accurate.

    The amount of molded details that went into the figure... these would be very easy to repaint int show accurate designs. The legs and the feet especially. Since Pinkie's new design wears white stockings with pink and blue sandals.

    You really can't get much more accurate to her hair design than this.

    Just look at how intricate the molds are for her hair. How does this figure cost only $4?

    Of course, no Equestria Girls Figure would be complete without the pony ears. Fantastic work!

    The key point to note about these figures is that the skirts are built like a toy from the 90s. Meaning any figure with a skirt is basically a salt shaker. Which in a toy this size, and at this price point, is not a bad thing. It cuts down the manufacturing costs significantly--since these figures aren't designed to be pose-able-- and assembly costs since most of the figure is one solid piece of plastic.

    The next figure to take a look at, however, is a bit more complex than Pinkie Pie... to put that mildly.

    The back of Twilight's blister card doesn't hold any surprises. It's the same as Pinkie's just with a different pony on it.

    Twilight's figure, however, is a lot different. Aside from Twi having a book in her hand, the unique defining characteristic of this figure is her glasses. Those glasses, while molded, aren't jutting out from her face. They aren't connected to her face at all.

    They are molded into her hair, and the result is a sense of depth to her figure which usually isn't found at this price point. Really well executed.

    Once again these molds are perfect for repainting to make them 100% show accurate.

    The amount of modeling detail on them is just something which cannot be beat.

    Yes her pink streak doesn't appear on the back of her hair. That's easily fixable with paint at home if you really want to go there.

    Still love the ears.

    And minor product information can be found on the bottom of the shoes.

    I had to go to two different Five Belows to complete the set. For some reason Rainbow Dash and Rarity are the chase figures for the set. Which isn't surprising because these two figures are amazing.

    Standard blister card legal information and barcode. No surprises here.

    Now we get t the figure itself. While simplified from her show design, Rarity's figure is almost perfect as is.

    I'm not kidding. Rarity's figurine requires the least amount of customization/paint touch up to make her show accurate. And those paint locations are on her necklace, the gems on her dress, and her shoes. With a skilled hand and a minimum amount of paint, you could have the most fashionable member of the humane 7 looking picture perfect in no time.

    For crying out loud! She even has high heels! Something none of the other figurines in the set have.

    Incredible amount of detail in the molds. No surprise there.

    However, this figure did have a parting of the seam in her hair, which gives a look into how she was assembled at the factory. Still a fantastic amount of detail.

    Would not be complete without her pony ears.

    And of course there is the product information on her the bottom of her shoes.

    Now for the most awesome figure in the set: Rainbow Dash! And once again, there is nothing that stands out from the back of the blister board. It's all standardized across the line.

    Almost all the details for Rainbow Dash are present and molded on her figurine, save for her wrist sweat bands. That detail is incredibly minor, and can be easily fixed with a little bit of modeling putty and some paint.

    Speaking of paint you'll notice a very distinct lack of colors throughout the figure. She's been simplified down the most basic colors of her design. This would be for the same reason her color pallet has been simplified on nearly all of her other toy offerings: cost savings.

    Rainbow Dash has always been the most colorful of the cast, and recreating her accurately in physical media is always cost prohibitive. However, her figurine is perfect for those who want to repaint her into her 100% show accurate design.

    Even her molded shoes are accurate to the show design... why does this surprise me when the other 4 figures in the line were like this?

    A whole lot of blue on Rainbow.

    Fantastic pose.

    Love the ears.

    And the product information on the bottom of her feet.

    Dang, those four figurines look good together! Which isn't a surprise. These toys were designed by Amy Mebberson--who also did the initial toy design work for the Equestria Girls Minis Toys a couple years back. Her work is always fantastic, cute, and adorable!

    So would I recommend these figurines? With a price point of $4, you really cannot beat that price for the quality. I absolutely recommend these toys for EQG fans of all ages. Whether you have 5 year old child who needs something nearly indestructible to play with--yes these are very hard to break--want to try your hand at customizing these figures into 100% show accurate designs, or are looking for something to decorate your desk I cannot recommend buying them enough.

    I'm hoping a second wave of this toyline comes out featuring Fluttershy, Applejack, Spike, and the show's star Sunset Shimmer, cause that really would make the line perfect. But until that day comes, what we have right now is fantastic.

    Until next time folks, this has been Trusty The Illustrious Q. See you in the comments.