• Vinyl and Octavia Discussion: Nostalgia, Favorite Fan Theories and More!

    I always have found it amazing how the fandom has been able to shape the simplest background character into something truly fleshed out and as real as any secondary or main character. Vinyl and Octavia are a great example of this: two interestingly designed background ponies who individually began to develop a following, who then gave these characters their own histories, and then eventually melded the two together as friends (or more if you're going by shipping standards).

    So for those of you who have been in the fandom long enough, what were some of your favorite moments in time during the metamorphosis of these two? What sort of fan theories do you enjoy/dislike? Or maybe, what sort of aspects do you find enjoyable or annoying about the Vinyl and Octavia we know today?

    Talk about it all in the comments!

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