• Vinyl and Octavia Day Classic Animations!

    There have been a number of great animations of Octavia and Vinyl throughout the years and today we have some classic ones for you that you may have missed if you're newer to the fandom or might want to check out and enjoy the nostalgia if you're an older fan.

    Check after the break for all the animations we have for you today and feel free to suggest ones we missed in the comments!

    [1] Source

    My Little Pony in The Sims - Episode 2 - Octavia and Vinyl Scratch by Yudhaikeledai

    [2] Source

    Cartoon - Vinyl And Neon by The Living Tombstone

    [3] Source

    Vinyl and Octavia - Sunrise Surprise by Ralek-Arts

    [4] Source

    Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville by Alligator Tub Productions

    [5] Source

    Octavia's birthday |Animation| by AgrolChannel

    [6] Source

    I Am Octavia [Animation] by TehJadeh


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