• Season 8 Mid-Season Hiatus Confirmed! Begins in June

    Following the trend of the last few years, Discovery's new highlights for June of this year confirms that we will once again be entering a mid-season hiatus while the rest of the episodes shift to later in the year. The "finale" for part one airs on June 9th with the 13th episode.

    Considering we are on a must less bizaare schedule this year than last, we can probably expect it's grand return some time after SDCC. August to September would be the best bet.

    As always, stay tunes for floods of fan content and desperate please to spread EQD around so we can survive! Yay hiatuses! Seriously though go share the site.

    And get the synopsis below if you are curious for the 12th and 13th episodes.

    Thanks to Andrew, Dominick, and Jason for sending it.