• Pony Club Releases Update 1.5.1 - Double The Space

    The open world pony socialization game Pony Club has released a new update to keep things truckin along over there. Double the play space has been added, with cooking and gardening trade skills for things to do. They've also added a bunch of new animations and poses, along with piles of other beautification improvements.

    Head on down below for the patch notes and screenshots.

    ALPHA 1.5.1 Patch Note (HUGE UPDATE!)

    ✨ A grand update of PonyClub to the version of Alpha 1.5.1!✨

    ✨ Change of time of day! Yes, the eternal day has finally come to an end, and we have:
    - Smoothly changing day and night
    - New sounds
    - Sleeping and quiet nature at night
    - The beauty of natural light sources - fire, firefly, and something mysterious that you have to discover yourself!
    ✨ New features of the character! Now the character wants to eat and sleep.
    - Indicator of "General Stamina". This bar shows the overall endurance of the character and the duration of the run.
    - The ability to replenish stamina by absorbing all possible edible objects in the game (including the flowers and clothes you gave!)
    ✨ New incredibly necessary and cool animations!
    - Praise the heavens, at last the pony can sit down and lie down!
    - And if you need or want - even to sleep!
    - The AFK label is combined with these animations.
    - Hair and most tails are beautifully folded to the ground when performing these animations. The animation took a huge amount of time, so I had to write about it.
    ✨ Added the simplest simulator of "Gardening"!
    - The ability for the whole server to jointly grow a magnificent and unique plant!
    - Inventory for irrigation is attached.
    ✨ Added the simplest simulator "Cooking"!
    - On the mountain you can find delicacies, which you can fry for the best result
    ✨ Tents are improved!
    - Ability to open and close the entrance curtain.
    - And also to visit the tent itself, filled with pillows and other things that give comfort!
    ✨ Updated and expanded location!
    - The game space is doubled! Now running around in separate parts - the forest and the field brings a lot more fun!
    - Added a unique interaction with dandelions, as well as an insanely delicious apple tree! (for the time being decorative).
    - Repainted individual elements for better picture quality. Depressive gray forest left us) And on the mountain you can see the new sky, changing with the change of the day!
    ✨ Fixed minor bugs.