• Random Random Pony Merch: Cosplay Headband, Wallets, Movie Towels, Pool Rings, and More!

    It looks like Hasbro saw everyone selling these at conventions and wanted in on it. We have pony ear headbands appearing at regular stores now.

    Random merch time! Get that and more below.

    Leather Wallets

    Found at: Comics World
    Found by: Kalecgos

     Hair Extension Birthday Card

    Found at: Hallmark
    Found By:  Jeffrey

     Movie Towel

    Found at: Walmart
    Found By:  Kalecgos

    Pinkie Golden Book

    Found at: Walmart
    Found By:  Jeffrey

    Pool Ring

    Found at: Unknown
    Found By:  Rarity

     Pony Art Kits

    Found at: Amazon
    Found By:  Caroline