• Pony Crafts and Custom Compilation #14

    This Pear Butter. If Hasbro produced figures of this quality level they could have bought out Toys R' Us without breaking a sweat with how much they'd make.

    Get a bunch of customs and crafted figures below!

    [1] Source

    Mlp Figure-Pear Butter (For Sale at BABSCon!) by LostInTheTrees

    [2] Source

    Tiny Surprise by Evilunicorn97

    [3] Source

    Violet Rain by SilverBand7

    [4] Source

    Wormhole figure by Weird--Fish

    [5] Source

    My little Pony Custom Blind Bag Sunburst by BerryMouse

    [6] Source

    My little Pony Custom Vikings Lagertha + Ragnar by BerryMouse

    [7] Source

    Repainted MLP by CraftyFlareon

    [8] Source

    Luna on Moon figure by alexcooler

    [9] Source

    Time Warp OC Commission by EarthenPony

    [10] Source

    Luna in socks by HamPony

    [11] Source

    Apple Jack Custom Doll by daisymane

    [12] Source

    Trixie by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [13] Source

    My Tiny Pony: Chubbiness is Magic (Blossom Star) by BlossomsDream

    [14] Source

    Midnight Martini by EarthenPony

    [15] Source

    Karma OC Commission! by EarthenPony

    [16] Source

    King Sombra (auction) by SombraSister

    [17] Source

    Fluttershy Inspired Merpony / Seapony Sculpture by TinyBlissfulness

    [18] Source

    Coco Pommel by Vita96

    [19] Source

    Maria Slavskaya Mlp OOAK Repaint by mariebite787

    [20] Source

    Thorax Figure Custom by WyattStoneNCC96230A

    [21] Source

    My Little Ppony: Custom Repaint by SpaceSheep-Art

    [22] Source

    Hoity Toity by SilverBand7

    [23] Source

    2x Gaming Lunas! by EarthenPony

    [24] Source

    Starlight Glimmer 2018 by SilverBand7

    [25] Source

    Songbird Serenade by SilverBand7

    [26] Source

    Purple Reins by SilverBand7

    [27] Source

    Sunset Shimmer 2018 by SilverBand7

    [28] Source

    Saffron Masala by SilverBand7

    [29] Source

    Vapor Trail by SilverBand7

    [30] Source

    Roseluck by SilverBand7

    [31] Source

    Lily Valley by SilverBand7

    [32] Source

    DJ Pon-3 by SilverBand7

    [33] Source

    DJ Pon-3 (2012 Collector Series) by SilverBand7

    [34] Source

    Maud Pie (Ponymania) by SilverBand7

    [35] Source

    Brawny Buck by SilverBand7

    [36] Source

    Patreon Giveaway! by EarthenPony

    [37] Source

    Cosmos by StarshinesCustoms

    [38] Source

    FIM: Coast Guard Sparkle by AlexCroft1991

    [39] Source

    Tree Hugger by Cyle

    [40] Source

    Suddenly Pinkie Pie! by StrayC70

    [41] Source

    tired2 by Exclusionzone

    [42] Source

    by corbeau814nc

    [43] Source

    Gold Standard - Royal Canterlot Treasury by Breakfast-Tee

    [44] Source

    Handbag made with My Little Pony Fabric by SockJems

    [45] Source

    Coin Purses Ready For Griffish Isles Con by SockJems

    [46] Source

    Letter for you by LightDragon1988

    [47] Source

    Custom Replica Commission: Harmony Chest by Isaac-Silver-Dragon