• Meetup Map, Tutorial Page, and Game Index Reminders!

    It's been rather slow today so time to take care of some administrative stuff. Huzzah! As quite a few of you were not aware of our Equestria Girls Guide we thought it might be a good idea to let any new comers to the site know of our Meetup Map, Tutorial, and Gaming pages!

    For those of you looking to find a meetup group with fellow Bronies near you or are hoping to give your own group some exposure, you can find the Meetup Map page here.

    Looking to try your hand at a craft such as plushies, artwork, videos or more? Then check out our tutorials page where we have compiled a list of tutorials of all kinds to help the novice up to seasoned veterans that are looking for a little help. All of those can be found here.

    Finally, we have the Game Index! While it needs some updating, it still has a large list of games, mods, tabletop, and more that you can check out. You can find that here!

    If any of you have content to add to these lists or want to report dead links, please send your details to submit@equestriadaily.com!

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