• What Should We Do With Review Videos?! - The Results

    The results of that survey post from a few days ago have arrived. We had some pretty interesting ideas in the other section, and some relatively even splits on other things. It looks like we kinda know what to do moving forward.

    Head on down below the break for all the charts and some responses and future plans! Also bats.

    With how close the vote was on this one, I think we can come to a compromise. It wouldn't hurt to throw a bunch of them into the quality-free compilation, but splitting off the better edited and unique ones would be a good route to take. This is kinda what we already do though. Hense DWK and HORSE finding a home outside the compilations. The ones with just some guy on his couch or an OC in the corner will probably continue to chill in the compilations.

    I should probably note that bad opinions will be welcome as long as the editing is good. Truth be told, I can't personally make it through any of the serious review videos without ragequitting. The nitpicking has always driven me nuts. I don't think it's fair that these videos don't get a chance just because I personally think what they are saying is idiotic though.

     "Only split them off if they are really well edited" seems to be a trend, and will probably be what we continue forward with, and pretty much what we already do. Most of the things that fall into that category come from the guys in the next group.

    Off-hour slots or slow days sounds good to me here. We already do that with the Fluttershy let's play videos, and it seems to work out alright. This would mean the more controversial and obnoxious analysts might pop up more here, but you can all ignore them if you are in the camp that dislikes a specific one can't you? I have faith. They can't all be wonderfully chill like DWK~

    You monsters