• Pony Community Soapbox #86 - Future of EG, Starlight and Feminism, Sunset's Next Goal, and More!

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • The Future of Equestria Girls: What's Next and What I'm Hoping For
    • What is Sunset’s next step?
    • Starlight and Current Day Feminism
    • No such thing as "unlikely"

    And get your soapboxes below!

    The Future of Equestria Girls: What's Next and What I'm Hoping For

    Over the course of four movies, four specials, and many shorts, Equestria Girls has managed to establish itself as a proper spin-off. But, now that the EqG Main 7 have their magic powers thanks to their geodes and that Sunset Shimmer has reconciled with Princess Celestia, what's still there to be done that I would deem to be major?

    The biggest things I can think of right off the bat that are obvious are having to close the crack that's at the base of the Wondercolt statue so that Equestrian magic can stop leaking into the human world and graduation from CHS, both of which can actually serve as parts of the finale for Equestria Girls. As for what else that I'm hoping for, the Dazzlings need proper closure since we haven't seen them following their defeat in Rainbow Rocks. Abacus Cinch could also come back to possibly seek revenge and expose the existence of otherworldly magic, which would also provide answers as to what happened to her post Friendship Games. That's all I got for now, but feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

    What is Sunset’s next step?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Now that she’s had the unfortunate experience of suffering at the hands of Equestrian magic being misused against her and nearly forever losing the precious memories of the people who gave her a second chance, where can she go? Namely, back to Equestria for good is where she SHOULD go. Why? Precisely because those friends are so precious to her. Think the situation of Fluttershy having to force the Breezies out for their own good. Even if they’re worlds apart, Shimmy will always have the memories of her friends, and Equestrian magic, if taken back to its source, and the portal closed, no more dire circumstances will happen to them. We’re already able to see through pony Twi and Sunset that friendships can remain across worlds, so why couldn’t the same be true with Sunset and the humane 5?

    Starlight and Current Day Feminism
    By: Indiana

    In the past, feminism was a force for good and their goal was to give women the same rights as men. That was equality done right and in most countries they achieved it. But what about today? Well here is where Starlight comes into play. Everyone must be equal regardless of their merit. Some of you may have heard of the gender wage gap but today's feminists refuse to understand that on average males earn more because they work more. That is not discrimination but equality of opportunity. What feminists want today is for everyone to earn the same regardless of how much effort or work they put into. Sounds familiar? It should because it's a lot like old Starlight's town and many current feminist ideas are like this. It is so funny in a way that the old Starlight represented current feminism and the current reformed Starlight represents the old feminism that was actually needed to achieve that true equality of merit. I know this is a hard topic for some but i think it's a really important one to understand. MLP creators are not strangers to social ideas and i think they are doing a great job at integrating them into the show in subtle ways.

    No such thing as "unlikely"
    By: MegaSean45

    I sometimes see the negative attitudes that the fandom has when they say something "won't happen" or "not likely to happen", and that's fine! It's all in the matter of opinion, right? But me, I don't believe in those anymore, not in this show! Compared to when this show first started, did we expect certain things on the show to even get mentioned?

    AJ mentioned "if mom and dad were here", then the parents had an episode! BG ponies actually having an episode! Spike being treated like a serious character (my wish), and got singing parts! Lyra and Bonnie being a couple (I know they're mentioned as best friends, but them being a couple is implied)! All these happened in the show! Who woulda thought these would happen? I mean it's funny cause they seem pretty "unlikely to happen", and yet they still happened! Then there are other surprises that no one expected to happen: Starlight befriending Maud, Spike befriending a changeling, etc.

    The only thing that is unlikely to happen in the show is things that break the TV-Y boundaries, that's it! Literately ANYTHING can happen in this show! So if someone thinks of something on the show that seems far-fetched to happen, you'd be presently surprised, brahs! ;)