• Discussion: Are You Happy with How Luna Ended Up?

    Since Luna keeps winning polls even 8 years later, I figured it might be a fun idea to bring back an old discussion from way off in the early days. When she was first revealed in season 1 during the opener, many a pony fan had high expectations for the moon horse. We went an entire season without ever seeing her again, and speculation on how they would handle her big return went in every direction imaginable. Fanfiction is where she really took over the world, with hundreds of them giving her every personality you can possibly think of. Some were silly like her comic version, some were more like what we ended up with via a somewhat serious and brooding pony, and many more explored ideas that the show never touched on.

    We've had a lot of time to get to know Luna. Even more than her sister at this point. Do you like how she ended up? Is there a fandom idea you would have enjoyed more involving her instead?

    Discuss away below!