• Fluttershy Day on April 27th! Send Your Fluttershy!

    Flutterbutter day returns yet again with another year of adorable top tier moe pone celebrating Arbor Day. Apparently that lands on the 27th this year, so lets do it!

    As always, fire off an email to the [email protected] box with FLUTTERSHY DAY as the subject followed by what you are sending. Example: FLUTTERSHY DAY - ART, or FLUTTERSHY DAY - COMICS. You can send just about anything, but we will only be compiling stuff we get enough of for each category so make sure you send!

    This includes an open art post, so all artists of any skill level are welcome! Just do us a favor and upload it to Deviant Art or Tumblr, as our compiler works with those specifically.

    Anyway, get to it!