• US Toys R Us Liquidation has Officially Begun for Remaining Stores

    Of course Toys R Us starts liquidation on a dreary overcast day…

    There is literally no way I can possibly make this news happy. The final liquidation sale for the largest toy realtor officially began today.

    The liquidation sales posters currently currently hanging up in Toys R Us toy stores state the entire store is up to 30% off. While that poster is true, and there is indeed inventory marked as 30% off, the up to part is the most important aspect of the sign.

    After spending about 4 hours in three different Toys R Us stores, I took note of the trends in the sale prices. Which you will be able to find after the break.

    • Most of the inventory in Toys R Us is 10% off.
      • Action Figures
      • Boys Collectibles
      • Girls Collectibles (My Little Pony Toys)
      • Dolls
      • Board/Yard Games
      • Bikes
      • Ride-able Toys
      • Movies/Music 
    • LEGOs and similar Construction Toys are 5% off
      • Meaning LEGOs at TRU in Liquidation are only 15% more expensive than on Amazon.
    • Video Games are 5% off.
      • Includes Toys to Life properties like Amiibo, Skylanders, Lego Dimensions, Disney Infinity
        • Note: this is 5% off MSRP. Disney Infinity starter sets were priced at under $2.00 prior to liquidation.
    • Easter Inventory is 20% off.
    • Party Supplies are 30% off.
    • Clothing in Babies R Us section of combined TRU/BRU stores are 20% off.
    • All other inventory in BRU is 10% off.
      • Diapers, wipes, cosmetics, food, and baby formula are not on liquidation sale at this time.
    Mark downs will continue to increase as the weeks go by. If you have a Toys R Us gift card, make use of it now. It will not be honored once April 21st hits.