• Toys R Us Liquidation Delayed and MGA Entertainment, Inc. CEO Launches #SaveToysRUs GoFundMe Campaign

    The Liquidation Sales for Toys R Us did not start on Thursday like had been previously reported by every single news organization in the United States. Today the Chicago Tribune reports the liquidation sales were pushed back to Friday. Equestria Daily will keep you posted on any changes in Liquidation Plans as they occur.

    In other news, The Bankruptcy of Toys R Us's Saga took another unexpected turn today. As of 12:00 AM EDT this morning, MGA Entertainment Inc.'s CEO Isaac Larian launched a GoFundMe campaign to, well, save Toys R Us.

    The campaign is looking to raise $1 Billion in an effort to outright purchase more than half of the 735 domestic Toys R Us Stores that would close under the current liquidation plan. To kickstart the campaign, which has a final deadline of May 28th, 2018 (Memorial Day), Isaac Larian and a group of his investor associates have already donated $200 Million to the cause.

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    The remaining $800 Million is left up to the general public to raise in this what has to be dubbed a "Hail Mary Pass" to save this iconic American Institution.

    Go Fund Me Page: https://www.gofundme.com/helpsavetoysrus

    It should be noted that if the $1 Billion goal is not reached, or the $1 Billion bid is not accepted by Toys R Us Inc and the Courts, and funds raised will be refunded back to the donators.

    I will be completely blunt. This is a long shot. The odds of this working are… I have no freaking idea how high. But I will say this: if the CEO of the Bratz Dolls toy maker can pony up $200 Million of his own money in a bid to save Toys R Us, I see no reason why this shouldn't be tried.

    Equestria Daily will continue its coverage on this and more Toys R Us Bankruptcy news as it develops.