• Story: Celestia XVII (Update - Sequel)

    [Alternate Universe][Drama][Slice of Life]

    Author: brokenimage321
    Being seventeen is hard--especially if you happen to be a Princess.
    I'm Princess Celestia, but everyone calls me Cece. My life has been crazier than normal lately--my big brother Blueblood is a selfish jerk, my best friend Twilight just moved away to Ponyville, and, oh yeah--Nightmare Moon turned out to be my long-lost somethingth-Great Aunt, Princess Luna. No biggie.
    But, no matter how my life is going, I'm still Princess. I've gotta keep it together. Somehow. I can make it at least until the Grand Galloping Gala in a month-and-a-half... right?

    Celestia XVII
    Celestia XVII - The Broken Princess (New Sequel)

    Additional Tags: Teenage Celestia struggles with being a Princess.