• Story: With Your Shield Or On It


    Author: PatchworkPoltergeist

    Description: Practice laps. That's all Fleetfoot wanted from her week off. A chance to build wing muscle, rack up her speed stats, and feel the wind in her mane. She's a racer. It's what she does. 
    Fleetfoot didn't ask to be put on search-and-rescue detail, and she definitely didn't ask to get saddled with the slowest Wonderbolt on the team. She didn't ask for what came next, either. Fleetfoot is not a monster fighter. She’s not an Element of Harmony. She's not a medic. She's not a hero. Fleetfoot’s just a pony who can fly really fast. But right now, she's all Silver Lining's got.

    With Your Shield Or On It

    Additional Tags: Adventures in accidental team building exercises