• Pony Community Soapbox #79 - Sunburst Vs. Starlight Friendship, Starswirl's Mirror, and More!

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • Why Sunburst is a much better friend than Starlight
    • Why was Starswirl’s mirror in the Dark Magic archives of the Canterlot Library?
    • Pony Names and Cutie Marks
    • Would You Call MLP a Comedy?
    • The Importance of the Equestrian Friendship Express

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    Why Sunburst is a much better friend than Starlight
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Starlight cares only about herself and is a horrible friend. In “Uncommon Bond”, we see Sunburst actively attempting to engage Starlight in the shop; always explaining what he was so excited about and trying to draw her interest. What did Starlight do the whole time? Faked smiles and nodded, and inwardly hated the entire experience because it wasn’t something SHE was interested in. She put forth zero effort in attempting to enjoy herself, rather, she expected for her own interests to catered to the entire episode. And by the end, it was Sunburst who, in spite of Starlight’s childish and entitled behavior and not even trying to make the best out of an unpleasant situation earlier, had to bend over backwards for Starlight, catering to HER interests with the activity of HER choosing, because she insisted that it was the only common point between them. No doubt that board game setup took a lot of planning, renovating, costume designs, fittings, and renovation of an entire room of Twilight’s castle. It was extremely one-sided, with more effort put in by Sunburst (even after she had turned him into a colt without his consent and gotten him mad), rather than Starlight.

    Pony Names and Cutie Marks
    By: nopony

    Some ponies, for example Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, have names and cutie marks that represent the same thing. Explaining why it happens can shed some light on the question of cutie mark predetermination.

    If cutie marks are predetermined, then perhaps some parents have prophetic visions when naming their children, and know what their cutie marks will be. This option isn't very convincing to me though.

    If cutie marks aren't predetermined, then the name-cutie mark correspondence can be explained by the fact that names can affect the way ponies think about themselves, which in turn influences their behavior and interests, and eventually cutie marks.

    Regardless of predetermination, there is also an option that the name can be changed when a cutie mark appears. It's an interesting question whether Snips and Snails, for example, were Snips and Snails before getting their cutie marks.

    Would You Call MLP a Comedy?
    By: Red Velvet

    Has anypony ever asked you, "What is the funniest TV show you can think of?" I have and without any doubt I always answer "My Little Pony". Yeah, they usually laugh and cannot believe my answer but it got me thinking – do other bronies find MLP funny? Personally, there is no other show that makes me laugh harder than MLP does. As early as Season 1, episodes like "The Stare Master", "Green Isn't Your Color", and "Over a Barrel" had me in stitches. Of course, as the show has continued, it has kept its unique and innocent sense of humor with some of my recent favorites being "The Saddle Row Review", "Every Little Thing She Does", and "A Flurry of Emotions". So, just what makes MLP so funny? In my opinion, it's just the ponies being themselves – sometimes just their basic everyday interactions are enough to make me laugh out loud. Plus, the best part is the humor is almost 99% clean and innocent, the worst we ever get is a belch or (in the movie) a butt scratch. I was really surprised when Pinkie made the first fart joke in "Secrets and Pies". I guess it just warms my heart to see a show that succeeds at being genuinely funny without having to be offensive and/or vulgar. It's nice to be able to laugh your guts out without having to feel guilty, right? So, what do you all think? Would you agree that MLP is hilarious, or does it entertain you in a different way?

    The Importance of the Equestrian Friendship Express
    By Hoploo

    The trading of resources was most definitely an essential part to the development of Equestria, as trade between communities undoubtedly does. However, in order to trade within a nation like Equestria, you are going to need an efficient mode of transporting the goods across the very large tracts of land that make up Equestria.

    Similar to our human history, there were generally two means of transportation. The first was maritime, which disadvantaged non-coastal societies, however the second was dirt wagon trails. Unfortunately, dirt wagon trails are a plague and were very dangerous. As such, a new means of transportation was needed to carry the developing world into prosperity. That new mode of transportation was the railroad. In our history, various investors got rich off building gigantic transcontinental railroads that connected the various regions of the US and Europe. Similar events undoubtedly happened for Equestria too with the equally massive Friendship Express.

    Goods and passengers were easily and efficiently able to travel the large distances between the city-states that make up Equestira. Those goods and passengers were able to stimulate economies, creating industries, wealth, and jobs. Undoubtedly playing a large factor into the wealth and prosperity of Equestira. If predictions are to be held true, Equestria may enter an economic boom due to the events of the show opening up the door for trade with foreign non-equestrian nations, such as the Yaks, Hippogriffs, Changelings, Dragons, and more, making everyone richer than before.

    Why was Starswirl’s mirror in the Dark Magic archives of the Canterlot Library?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    The mirror that Starswirl created, that acts as a gate to alternate worlds and universes, is first seen in the IDW “Reflections” comic arc, and multiple times throughout EG. Twilight has even made a replica of it in her castle library, with little effort! But in “The Fall of Sunset Shimmer” comic, interestingly enough, the information about this mirror portal is tucked away within the Dark Magic section of a library (in a book that tells of the History of Canterlot Castle), along with other books about the Headless Horse and Zebra magic. The only (though quite dire) ill effect that the mirror brings is the merging of two worlds, if a pony from Equestria stays in another for too long. This contradicts the way Celestia describes dark magic in episode 53, as the result of “hate” and “fear” in a pony’s heart. If the mirror is dark magic, then one has to wonder why Celestia introduced both Sunset and Twilight to it at various points in their studies under her, with plans of them learning a lesson of good from it.