• Season 8 Episode 1 & 2 - School Daze - Discussion

    PONY IS BACK! Finally! After another long, painful hiatus, a new season has finally arrived. While Equestria Girls kinda held us over with the movie and specials, nothing beats good ol' cartoon horse!

    Discovery Family has been dropping animatics for this season opener, along with other episodes for the past few weeks. You can find all of those over here. Along with that, we have some general trailers and clips.

    If you want some humanized pony to hold you over while we wait, we have an Equestria Girls guide section now. Pretty much everything available online is there.

    And if you missed it, we have synopsis released for the entire season already! It has been a weird few months.

    And finally, we are going to start using our new Instagram soon if you want to subscribe to us over there.