• Pony Community Soapbox #83 - Glimmycorn, Trollestia, and DARKNESS

    Community soapbox time, where opinions from around the fandom are dropped down below for you all to discuss and debate! Expect these posts normally when not late every Tuesday at 2:00 PM MST And now Saturday at 2:00 PM MST. To submit your own, see this post. Note: These soapboxes do not at all reflect the ideas of EQD. They are an open forum for anyone to post whatever crazy theory they want.

    Headlines for the week: 

    • Is Starlight ready to be an alicorn?
    • Why I Like Trollestia
    • Is it possible to control the darkness?
    • Discord,and his opposite-Order
    • What does friendship mean to you?

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Is Starlight ready to be an alicorn?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Let’s look at the facts- firstly, there are already too many alicorns. Next, in “Twilight’s Kingdom”- It is clearly stated that an alicorn (once having responsibilities, thus excluding Flurry Heart) needs to fulfill a specific role, raising the sun or moon, spreading love, being the princess of friendship…there really is no need for any other role to be fulfilled in the show, when the basis for everything to work in Equestria is love and friendship. Then there’s the requirements for being an alicorn like Twilight did (a process that is explained well in “Alicorn before Alicorn?!” by KellyKoolness on YT). The ‘magic inside of you’ needs to activate and manifest itself from the inside, out, turning SG what she feels to be in her heart (an alicorn), but only after she shows signs of the 6 elements within herself. It also took Twilight an entire season to be a princess of something, back in s4, made clear by the writers not knowing where to take her after she became one. How much moreso directionless would Starlight be, if given such a position? I don’t think she’s anywhere near that achievement yet, and most likely never will.

    Why I Like Trollestia
    By: nopony

    Princess Celestia is a frequent topic of my soapboxes, because I think she is one of the most intriguing characters in FiM. There is one side of her that I particularly like, namely her slightly mischievous nature. Sometimes it helps solve problems, like in "Friendship is Magic", where she doesn't tell Twilight the whole truth, and it turns out that was an effective strategy to defeat Nightmare Moon. Sometimes it helps create problems - Twilight has five friends, so let's give her two tickets to the Gala. And sometimes it's just for fun, like the famous tea scene in "A Bird in the Hoof".

    To bring up something more recent, there are two great scenes in "Forgotten Friendship", where Celestia looks angry at first, but then it turns out that she is truly happy. And that's another important thing - she is never really mean, it's just a kindhearted princess having a sense of humor.

    I think it's an important aspect of her personality because it's what makes her a real, believable character, not some ideal, majestic pony princess. I don't have one favorite pony, but, mostly because of the above, Celestia is definitely one of the best.

    Is it possible to control the darkness?
    By: Dalvyn

    In Shadow Play we are introduced to the Pony of Shadows, which is a combination of Stygian, a former scholar who was cast out for wanting to be a hero (due to a misunderstanding) and "The Shadow" an ominous force who was able to grand him power beyond his imagination, even greater than the 6 pillars of Equestria. However, the darkness took hold of Stygian and more or less possessed him, Stygians thoughts and emotions still had some impact, seeing as how he was bent on revenge, but it is clear he did not want to destroy Equestria claiming that "he was Stygian" but now the darkness controls him. This got me wondering, is it possible to fuse with the darkness, but to have your own will defeat its hold and use its power for yourself? I think it is in some case. I don't think a hero could use this power to his/her advantage, the darkness feeds of misery and fear. So using the power for light and love would make it too weak to be a benefit, but imagine if someone like King Sombra found the darkness and agreed to take its power, would Sombras will and desire be able to overpower the force eating at his mind seeking control? I think it is possible to control the darknesses power for your own if you are not weak and fragile like Stygian was, and would love to see that happen should the darkness return. Keep in mind that the darkness in Shadow Play doesn't mean "dark magic' we have already seen evil beings use it to their own advantage, I am specifically talking about the power granted from the darkness.

    Discord,and his opposite-Order
    By: Елена

    I have a theory; that maybe Discord has an older sister,that is the spirit of order and control's its power,because if you sit down and think about it,it would make sense,I mean,if Discord was all alone, then how did he learned all the things that he knows like spells,writing and other things?
    There had to be someone that had taught him this.

    Besides, if there is a spirit of chaos why there wouldn't be a spirit of order?And why order specifically?Because,we need to remind ourselves that everything in nature has an opossite,without that opposite,the other wouldn't have a reason to exist,if one opposite just suddenly disappears,then why should the other exist in the first place?And it's very rare for something NOT to have one,if he does have a sister,she would most likely be his opposite,not Harmony,but order,it is after all chaos’s true opposite.

    Now I know that some of you don't agree with me but it's fine, everyone has their own opinion,but I know that there are people that actually think of it now, I hope really hope that this will happen one day.ne day.

    What does friendship mean to you?
    By: MegaSean45

    Yunno what MLP is really about? Friendship! That's what got me hooked into the show! I knew I had friendship problems, and I knew this show would help me be a better person, and I expected the same from the fandom! Unfortunately, there are certain members of the fandom, including some of the show staff, seem to have no interests in it. I understand, people think this show is just a TV series to enjoy, and some of the show staff think of it as a paycheck or a way to get famous. Me? I take friendship very seriously. Not as seriously as Twilight, cause I wouldn't make a school about it, cause school is boring.

    Today, whenever I have a friendship problem, I would ask myself, "What would Twilight do?" and that's how I try to fix it! And yunno what else this show taught us? Friendship always prevails in the end, and the only ones who don't accept friendship are villains! Luckily for me, outta all the neglection I get, it hasn't turned me into a villain cause I'm a little more in control of that. Maybe not as much as I should, but hey I'm trying. Nobody's perfect.

    What's your opinion of friendship? Everyone is my friend! But am I everyone's friend?