• Pony Community Soapbox #79 - Equestria Girls Beating Pony? Zebras in the Show, Fluttershy's Fear of Dragons, and More!

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • Fluttershy's Fear of Dragons
    • MLP/EQG Pony TV Universe story
    • Why we haven't seen the Zebras yet
    • Will Prismia become part of the series?
    • Is Equestria Girls Taking Over Pony?

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Fluttershy's Fear of Dragons
    BY: Nightmare Muffin

    Ever since episode 7, Fluttershy has been afraid of dragons, however, it was ultimately Spike in episode 1 who got her to come out of her shell- not only to be talkative, but to admire baby dragons, at least. Again, in “Scare Master”, it was Spike who got Fluttershy to at least try to spend time with her friends on Nightmare Night, thus attempting her to overcome her fears. Now that Spike had a dragon buddy, Dragon Lord Ember, I can see an opportunity for Spike to once again draw out Fluttershy and face her long-time fear going ignored by the writers and Hasbro. Ember and Fluttershy need to interact, and Spike is the perfect one to help things along, as he’s done for Fluttershy in the past. And possibly, as Flutters warms up to older and bigger dragons, she’ll begin to use her connections with Treehugger and animal knowledge to Spike’s advantage in dragon research and genealogy. Win, win.

    MLP/EQG Pony TV Universe story
    By: Briabun

    DHX has a great oppurtunity to tell a much more complex story that is potentially on the same as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They could tell a multi-faceted story from the perspective of the different shows. This could be a season long story arc where characters cross over at different times. They have already hinted at the effect that equestrian magic is having on "human" land, they could show what that means to both worlds. What if a friendship problem required two different versions of the Mane 6 to solve? How would everyone deal with knowing they're multiple versions of themselves? How would the "huMane" 6 handle being in Equestria? There would be some problems to smooth out for story elements. Depending on who gets to write these stories, they could provide interesting stories and experiences to share.

    Why we haven't seen the Zebras yet
    by ShadowWriter45

    We're heading into season 8, or at it depending on when this is uploaded. We have seen countless creatures in Equestria but there is still one species we haven't seen yet: Zebras. While we have Zeecora and she's nodded about her homeland in season one, we don't know much about it. Even in the comics where they had that summit of all the races they weren't show, or at least I didn't see any. So the question becomes why?

    Well, apart from the writers not wanting to touch on them just yet, I have an in universe idea that could work if done properly; some it stems from watching the Black Panther. What if the Zebra race is an isolationist kingdom like Wakanda, meaning they chose to isolate themselves from all of Equestria and not engage in trade or communication with the other creatures; about why can be left up to our imagination since we do not have an answer.

    As for Zecora, and possibly other zebras out there, they chose not to be isolated and left their homeland for various reasons; it's possible they didn't like the isolation lifestyle and wanted to be with other races.

    Will Prismia become part of the series?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    In the chapter book “Twilight and the Crystal Heart Spell”, it explains Cadance’s origins as a pegasus in a village where she was found in the woods and raised by Earth ponies, before she became an alicorn princess. It also mentions another pony that gets very little recognition in spite of the fact that she was the one that caused Cadance to become a Princess in the first place, and the name of said pony is Prismia. After Cadance reversed Prismia’s love-stealing spell (how Cadance did that as a pegasus, it’s not explained), Prismia changed her evil ways and….was never heard from again, I guess. But looking at her name, I suspect that there could be use for her to enhance the Mane 6 in the show, since a rainbow is light going through a PRISM to blend the colors. It could also give continuity for Cadance’s backstory, if she were to introduce her to the Mane 6 as ‘an old acquaintance’.

    Is Equestria Girls Taking Over Pony?
    By: Raldon

    I've been one of the loyalists who wishes we'd have more pony instead of humans since the first EG movie appeared, but I must admit... things seem to be going in that direction instead. Trailers and songs for the actual pony cartoon get barely a blip in views compared to clips and trailers for upcoming Equestria Girls movies on Youtube. They seem to becoming more and more popular among the audience over there, while pony stuff slowly flatlines. A good example is the recent season 8 trailer. It only got around half a million views in a day. Compare that to a single clip from Forgotten Friendship getting 1.2 million in a day on a channel with almost no subscribers, and you see the vast difference.

    It could be Youtube algorithms, but it seems like EG is taking over. It's kinda sad for people that have no interest in it.