• Discussion: You've Been Teleported to Equestria and Get to Spend a Week With Your Favorite Pony!

    This was always a fun discussion way back in 2011, so lets revive it for 2018 now that we've had more time to get to know the pony world!

    Good news! Twilight had a breakthrough in portal technology and successfully linked our modern day Earth with Ponyland! Oddly enough, the portal ended up opening in your room. Who would have throught?

    After extracting the unicorn from a pile of stuff she accidentally knocked over after tumbling through, she has offered you a chance at being the new representative for Earth! Apparently she already researched you, and found a huge love of Equestria. She has also convinced your favorite pony to show you around, and guide you through whatever adventures or situations you want to take part in while there for a full week. All expenses paid by the royal coffers of course. 

    So, who's your pony pick? And where/what do you do with them for a full week of Equestrian exploration?