• EDITORIAL: Do It Yourself My Little Pony Easter Basket!

    A tisket a tasket, I'm making an MLP Themed Easter Basket!

    So, with Easter Sunday coming up on April Fool's Day—two holidays on the same day, that's going to be a massive headache—I thought a fun way to wrap the MLP gifts for the young fans in your lives would be to place them all into a My Little Pony Themed Easter Basket!

    And the best part, if you make the basket yourself you tailor it specifically to the tastes of the person your giving the basket to. Like if you have a Rainbow Dash super fan in your life, you can make sure the basket is full of nothing but Rainbow Dash toys!

    As an added bonus for me, this is a great way to make use of those toys Hasbro sent me to unbox! And as a reminder all the products featured in the earlier Unboxing Review can be found at Walmart.com here.

    After the break I'll get into the exact process to put this custom basket together.

    First and foremost, you are going to need supplies! And it is better to gather the supplies before you start on this project. Otherwise you'll be going a number of shopping trips to complete a project which takes no more than an hour to do.

    So let's go break down that shopping list!


    • Easter Basket
    • Easter Grass
    • Assortment of Plastic Easter Eggs
    • Assortment of Miniture Easter Candies
    • Scotch Shipping Packaging Tape
    • My Little Pony Toys (Random Assortment)
    • My Little Pony Activity Book
    • My Little Pony Candies
    • Cellophane Wrapping Paper (Clear)

    So with the shopping list in hand, go out and pick up those supplies. Don't worry. I'll wait.

    You're back? Excellent! Let's continue!

    You're going to want to open up your bag of Easter Grass and put it in the Easter Basket. Now what I like to do is pick Easter Grasses which are colored to match the Easter Basket. In this case the Easter Basket is primarily Purple and Pink, so I bought two bags of colored Easter Grass. One colored purple and one colored pink.

    If you're going to go the route of having two colors of Easter Grass, be sure to mix them up really well before placing them in the basket.

    That looks fantastic if I do say so myself.

    Yes, that isn't the hardest part of the project. But part of what makes a themed Easter Basket successful is the presentation! So the nicer you can make the basket look, the more successful it will be!

    … either that or the kid will not care about the basket and you're only making the basket look nice for yourself because you take pride in your work.

    That is still one fine looking Easter Basket.

    Up next is filling the plastic Easter eggs with miniature Easter candies.

    This part should be fairly straight forward. Open up the bag of candies. Open up the bag holding the Easter eggs. Put the candy in the eggs and you're good to go!

    Now you should definitely do this next part when you buy the easter basket. Make sure the largest items you are putting in the basket fit before you buy the basket. The Easter Baskets are cheap items, can you really don't want to make a return on this because you got the wrong size.

    Once again measure before you buy.

    This next part is a little bit tricky… mostly because it involves applying papercraft to Cellophane wrapping paper.

    What you want to do with the Cellophane Wrapping Paper is make a gift bag from it. The gift bag needs to be large enough to easily but securely fit the entirety of the Easter Basket in it.

    I highly recommend following the instruction presented in this guide to accomplish the task.

    Once you have the bag made, it is time to put the Easter basket in it.

    Yes, you are putting a mostly empty Easter basket into a cellophane bag before you put all the toys, candies, and knickknacks into it. Believe it or not, this actually helps with filling the bag. How? Well it prevents the items in it from spilling out.

    It also saves you the headache of trying to bag a full Easter basket with a very tall bag (if you made the bag correctly). Depending on the size of the bag and the size of the basket, the height of the bag and basket combined might be taller than your arms can hold stuff apart vertically.

    After the Easter Basket is in the bag, it's time to fill the basket with all the My Little Pony goodness!

    There is no right or wrong way to this. Just have fun with it!

    Now that everything is in the bag, it's time to tape up the top and then you're done!

    Of course there is no better way to celebrate the completion of a project than by posting close up pics of it for everyone to see!

    One of the more interesting discoveries I cam across while collecting items for this basket was the Galerie Finders Keepers My Little Pony Milk Chocolate Candy & Surprise. I had absolutely no idea that these were available. I also had no idea that these also came with a collection of—if I recall correctly—about 6 different ponies. So it is a way of giving both candy and a toy to a young MLP fan!

    Though judging by the picture on the box, it looks like the figures contained in these things aren't too shabby. And I think there were more than just the Mane 6 contained in these things. I'll have to see if I can find them again at my local Walmart and possibly do a product review.

    What do you guys think? Sound like a good idea?

    Speaking of a good idea, I remember having some of the best time eating candies out of a PEZ dispenser when I was a lot younger. Toss in a My Little Pony: The Movie Clip Plush for good measure and you're really starting to add some variety to this package.

    Of course no gift basket is complete without the latest My Little Pony DVD release. Considering what came out late last year, it is only fitting to include a copy of My Little Pony: The Movie!

    Just don't be like me and forget to take off the sticker with the price on it.

    No My Little Pony gift basket is complete without the item that started the entire toy line. Since the Equestria Girls Doll is Applejack, it only seemed appropriate to include the Brushable Pony of Applejack.

    Yeah, that's exactly my reasoning behind it, and not because AJ was the only brushable pony I could find at my local Toys R Us.

    Anyways, that's everything you need to be able to put together your own MLP Easter Basket. So what do you all think? Good project? Looks like something fun you want to try?

    Be sure to discuss in the comments, and if you do happen to try putting together your own MLP Easter Basket, consider sending it in. If enough of them come in, Seth might just be forced to put together a post to feature them all.

    Till next time folks, this has been The Illustrious Q. See you in the comments!