• Them's Fightin' Herds Story Mode Delayed, Still Launching February 22nd

    Due to unforeseen circumstances with Story Mode in Them's Fightin' Herds (and some real-life issues with the people working on that section), the team over at Mane 6 has been forced to delay that portion of the game until after their February 22nd release. They are not sure on how long the fix will take, but hope to get it out when it's ready.

    Everything else remains in-tact, but the game will be dropping on Steam an early access .95 version as opposed to full until the story bugs are fixed. A rushed replacement story mode with a different team was considered, but they don't think they could do the game justice without the full TLC it deserves.

    A full rundown of their plans going forward can be found on their forums.

    You can pick the game up over here still.