• Creepy EquestfolD Officially Launches

    The team behind Fall of Anterfold has officially released EquestfolD, a creepy journey to find Applejack's parents in an alternate universe dark Equestria. We previouslt covered this one back in January during it's beta.

    Head on down below for the details. 

    The description:

    Two infinity gods: Celestia and Luna, trying to claim victory over one another have plunged Equestfold into dark times again, Twilight Sparkle's forces have captured the Canterlot and current princess Alagerian renounced the throne.Next target is all Equestfold.

    Applejack doesn't support any side except the own, her true wish is similar to Twilight Sparkle.To defeat her enemies she doesn't have enough power.She developed the plan of getting a mystical thing which can solve her problem but to reach the own goal, she needs to face with Twilight Sparkle's forces, Dark Creatures.

    Download it over here.