• Story Updates - February 24th

    Just a small update post today since these two have been waiting forever for a third to join one. Can't wait too long! Get them below.

    Story: Alicornae - The Legend of Starlit Sky (New Part 28!)

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe][Dark]

    Author: PortalJumper
    Description: Twilight the Wise, Celestia the Bright, Luna the Dark, Cadance the Beloved, Chrysalis the Dreamwalker; the Princesses of Old vanished eons ago, their power taken with them. With their guidance gone the world has fallen into disarray, with only a few pockets of ponies able to even recall them, let alone the times when they ruled fairly and justly. Starlit Sky is one such pony, and after being contacted by a mysterious stranger she has been tasked with bringing the old princesses home to their ancient seat of Canterlot so that they might bring peace and prosperity back to their kingdom.
    Alicornae: The Legend of Starlit Sky (Update Part 28!)

    Story: From Lost to Loved (Update Part 7!)

    [Romance][Slice of Life]

    Author: The Abyss

    Description: Faced with redemption or prison, Tempest Shadow accepts Twilight’s hoof in friendship, though she fears how much trauma her new friend has endured on her behalf. With a hopeful heart, Tempest takes her place at Twilight’s side, but when she falls for the one who gave her a new meaning in life, things only get more complicated.

    From Lost to Loved (New Part 7!)

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