• Pony Community Soapbox #77 - Dragon Ages, Division of Labor, Equestria Girls Geodes, and more!

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • The Mystery of Dragon Age Solved?
    • The Grand Equestria Pony Summit
    • Unicorns, Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Division of Labor
    • Equestria Girls – The possibility of the Geodes: Are they the Humane 6’s cutie marks?
    • My Little Pony and the Ability to Dodge the “Jumping of the Shark”

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    The Mystery of Dragon Age Solved?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Body: Back when FiM was in its early years, many of the ponies called Spike a baby dragon, in spite of his appearance and learned skills suggesting otherwise. Though not a newborn baby, as we saw him in IDW comic #40, He was, in fact, quite young, when compared to teenage and adult dragons. But just how can we measure the age of Spike and dragons, in general? What is their longevity as a species? Well, the only point in time of the My Little Pony franchise as a whole, are we told about dragon age in detail, is in generation 3’s “The Princess Promenade”, where Spike- after waking up from a 1,000 year nap is confronted by a pony who calls him very, very old, gets offended and tells her that “he’s still quite young- merely 1,000 or 2,000 years old. Now, if he was 1,000,000-“. So one-million years or so seems to be the standard for maximum dragon age, while a few thousand years is considered to be rather young. Applying this to Spike of g4, who is not yet past the age of 50, this would be extremely young, and justify the ponies calling him a baby dragon.

    The Grand Equestria Pony Summit
    By: James

    In the season 5 episode "Princess Spike", we are introduced to an assembly of city and community representatives called the Grand Equestria Pony Summit.

    Presumably, the local delegations were elected or appointed by local governments. It is implied that the Pony Summit was more than just a one-time event in "Princess Spike".

    My view is that since Equestria was founded years or even centuries before the rule of Princesses Celestia and Luna, the Grand Equestria Pony Summit represented the original government of the pony nation.

    What changed was that Discord arrived to cause havoc in Equestria, and Star Swirl the Bearded managed to reach the Alicorn homeland, convincing Celestia and Luna to defeat Discord and become co-rulers of Equestria.

    Meanwhile, the Pony Summit was retained. But it was reduced to a purely advisory assembly. But originally, it was something greater.

    Unicorns, Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Division of Labor
    By Hoploo

    I don't refer to the horrible politics of today, but the notion that any X type of ponies is "superior", or even able to stand on their own, is a plague and is completely false. The division of labor between these ponies is what leads them to their success.

    One might believe that with the access to magic, unicorns might have an upper hand over the other ponies. This is completely false, as demonstrated by the fact that there is only one (presumptuously) Unicorn majority city in the show, and it is only profitable by the fact that it is the capital of Equestria (And because magic requires special training). Same with pegasi, of which's only pegasus majority city is in central control of weather. Earth pony majority towns tend to be extremely small and rural.

    No. The division of labor in pony towns has been shown to take effect in the rich cities like Las Pegasus or Manehattan, as well as more suburban ones like Ponyville, tend to prosper the most. The reason why is that each type of pony tends to specialize in different things. Unicorns are better at science, magic, and alchemy. Pegasi at weather, athleticism, and military. Earth Ponies at agriculture, construction, and entrepreneurship. Dividing the needs and demands of society to those who specialize in those specific tasks leads to a richer society overall, and mutually benefits all its members.

    Equestria Girls – The possibility of the Geodes: Are they the Humane 6’s cutie marks?
    By: Brony250

    For those who remember a previous topic regarding Sunset and the map I have more to discuss on how I think she could possibly be summoned;

    As I previously stated, Sunset’s geode was missing when she returned to Equestria, so the question here is, where did it go? My answer to this is; her geode became, or rather, joined with her cutie mark. I don’t have an explanation for this, but, given on how the geode suddenly goes missing and then just reappears when Sunset returns to CHS it seems pretty likely this could be an actual possibility.

    This means that if this is theory is correct and the geodes are likely to be the human version of cutie marks then it’s highly probable that Sunset will be summoned by the map. Now you’re probably asking how the geodes could possibly be cutie marks. Well, remember in LoE when the girls first received them? My theory here is that their “pony-up” magic likely fused within the geodes and a result it also brought out their own “cutie mark magic”!

    Again this is just my theory. There is still the matter if the map could even summon Sunset while still in Equestria. But, since we still have yet to know what else the map is capable of I’d like to keep this possibility open.

    My Little Pony and the Ability to Dodge the “Jumping of the Shark”
    ByL Mitama King

    When the recent trailer aired showing Twilight’s new school and a focus on six new characters I said that the show was going to have to dodge “jumping the shark” again in the comments and someone seemed to take that as an insult. I meant it as nothing of the sort.

    Just look at the past, at the end of season two we introduced a new alicorn out of nowhere, just to be pink and web off to a dashing stallion. I used to jokingly call Cadence “Pretty Pink Princess”, but she turned out to be a great character, dodge number one.

    At the end of season three, Twilight got her wings, what I always figured was the show’s endgame, a choice seemingly made just to sell toys, but guess what, they made it work.

    That is what this show does, it defies our expectations, be it giving the CMC their cutie marks, adding a seventh mane pony, turning Discord good, adding a baby, these are all things a lesser show would have botched and ruined.

    So when I say, I hope the show can dodge jumping the shark again, I believe it can