• Pony Community Soapbox #78 - Why G5 is a Good Thing, Twilights Exprience in Loss, Flash Sentry, and More!

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • Twilight needs to experience loss in order to grow
    • Why G5 is Happening and Why it’s a Good Thing
    • Summarizing the fundamental problems
    • Flash Sentry's Role
    • Forgotten Friendship: The Season 1 Finale/Soft Reboot to EqG

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    Twilight needs to experience loss in order to grow
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Body: Since Season 1, Twi has always put Celestia on a pedestal, and compares herself to her, always aiming to meet her standards, now that she’s become a princess. But Celestia, unlike Twilight, has experienced much loss in her life (her lover, her sister, her mentor, her student, close friends that don’t live as long as her), unlike Twilight, who has always been given everything- a predetermined destiny, friends, her wings, a new home right after her old one gets destroyed, even when friendships get destroyed, she very quickly sets matters straight and gets them back. Twilight has never suffered any kind of long term loss like Celestia has, and its only through failure that breeds success. The question is, though, will the writers have the gall to pull the rug out from under this privileged pony and have her lose something- or everything that she holds dear, not just for one episode, but over a long period of time, and have her rise from the ashes of that loss, coming out stronger, bigger, and better than before? Is Twilight in g5 as a potential earth pony, who loses both wings and horn, a sign of that?

    Why G5 is Happening and Why it’s a Good Thing
    Author: Anonymous

    A lot of people tend to ask why reboot MLP? Why use the same characters but different personalities? Why throw away all the work done so far? WHY DOES EQG GET TO LIVE?!

    Short Answer: Financially the show has outlived its usefulness and Artistically the show has never been more done than it is now.

    It’s been 8 years (10 by the time the series ends), and in that time a new generation of kids Hasbro wants to market to has come. Perfectly easy to do this with EqG which, despite its age, has about 8 hours of content in the movies and specials and shorts and a “new” digital series, but FiM has 7 seasons + 1 movie (64 hours) worth of backlog to watch. Way easier just to scrap it all, rebrand, and set up a brand new shiny show to make their own than keep the old show going.

    As for the show itself, there’s nothing left to explore. The Mane 6, CMC, and even Starlight’s arcs have been done for a while and the mysteries have all been solved. The fact the movie and show have to ADD the School and more lands along with finally developing Spike and reuse so many old villains shows how long in the tooth it is. Add on the staff rotating so much that Meghan McCarthy is one of, if not the only, few members of the original crew left, and I think it’s worth letting them have their own show than continue Lauren’s. Plus it makes sense to use what has become iconic (the Mane 6, Equestria) while changing things to feel fresh and new while fixing and improving elements (Applejack’s stagnant character, the lore consistency, etc); works for the Transformers.

    At the end of the day MLP is a commercial and the show has more than had its fair days in the sun. A new generation deserves to have what we’re going to have had for 10 years, and this doesn’t detract from that. If it doesn’t work out, it is what it is and a new generation will come, as is life. Besides, you apparently can still watch EqG if you want that classic G4 MLP. It’s got a confirmed season 2 + more and sexy anime figures coming soon. Sounds like fun to me.

    Summarizing the fundamental problems
    By: Briabun

    Friendship is Magic has told some astounding stories over its seven seasons. Despite this success, some episodes are not of the same caliber, and brought along many questions. Why was Princess Cadance introduced so abruptly and then left to the back burner? Why did a (insert episode) end so quickly? Whatever happened to the rogue changelings? I believe all od these problems can be summarized as follows.

    The 22-minute show is primarily targeted at young females with an editorial mandate to promote toys that has had over 40 different writers.

    I cannot fault the show for having a particular audience, being an extended toy commercial, or being allotted only so much time. I have come to appreciate the show for what it is. I just have to remind myaelf this whenever particular stories are cut short, ideas are not fleshed out, or some of the questionable story/plot choices are made. This can only go so far in minor elements and does not excuse how appalling Spike centric episodes are and Princess Luna's self harm in "Do princesses dream of magic sheep". Let's be mindful of these issues next time we watch the show.

    Flash Sentry's Role
    By: Pony of Shadows

    One thing I don't see people talking about in "Forgotten Friendship" is Flash Sentry. When Sunset ran out the school to confront Walflower, she ran in front his car this could've been left out, but it was in there for a reason, I think. Flash could've gotten out, concerned, and fearful as he looked from the sidelines at Sunset's memories being stolen and her mentally reverting back to a pony in human form. No doubt this would've triggered his first memories of her, fresh out of Equestria and confused, which would've hurt Flash that much more deeply, especially if he was one of the first people to reach out to her back then. Perhaps in the next movie or special, it will be Flash who confronts Sunset and gives her the same tough love that she gave in LoE. Perhaps advising that her returning to Equestria might be for the best, since magic brought over from Equestria is causing such a mess in the human world, and he doesn't want to see her hurt. Perhaps the desire he expressed to "start over" as friends will be the final goodbye and Sunset's start over back in her world.

    Forgotten Friendship: The Season 1 Finale/Soft Reboot to EqG
    Author: Anonymous

    Equestria Girls has come a long way from 2013 and the messy, generic one-off niche spin-off to FiM that started the series, with Forgotten Friendship not only the bow on top of its reconstruction, but also a sign of its promising future.

    The special is about as close to a vertical slice of everything great about the EqG franchise and showcasing all the improvements made over time. The magic is now consistent thanks to the geodes, the animation and music is better, Sunset’s reformation is now 110% complete, Equestria is a visible presence again, Sunset’s finally taken center stage as the show’s main character in the intro, it didn’t have a demon antagonist, it singlehandedly made me a Trixie fan by having her mature while still being her, even the dolls got better. This really does feel like the conclusion to EqG’s first season (about the same amount of content as one), with it demonstrating that it finally found its groove. Honestly, if the show just wrapped now, I would be more than satisfied, but no: it’s apparently just the beginning. Couple this with the pointedly “new series” and the reboot line dolls, and it feels like EqG has been given a soft reboot/relaunch into the public eye as its own thing. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if an initial draft for FF originally had the Humane 7’s memories lost forever so they could start from complete scratch.

    So, what’s the point? Basically, if you’ve never given EqG a chance or was put off by past endeavors, I strongly suggest giving it a(nother) chance now with Forgotten Friendship and what’s to come. The series has never felt more confident and its prospects more grand, and with writers and directors like Nick Confalone and Ishi Rudell, I think we are in great hands. And besides, we’re getting kotobukiya bishoujo figures of the Humane 7. Clearly it’s doing something right.