• Discussion: Which 6 Ponies Would you Want to Star in an MLP Anime Spinoff?

    (Note: We will have a discussion topic every day for the next week at 4:00 PM PST. Keep an eye out! Submit your ideas for one here.)

    If you missed the news during Toy Fair, we have a new line of super high quality humanized anime stype figures releasing from model maker Kotobukiya. While the figures themselves haven't been revealed yet, the art they are running with seems to hint at some potentially awesome anime-style pony ideas they've been cooking up over there. It seems almost strange that they'd dive into a series of figures without a visual tie-in.

    And so, good fandom filled with good ideas, we discuss! If, for some reason we did get an anime spinoff of Equestria Girls, or even ponies themselves, who would you want to star in it? Should we continue onward with the mane 6? Or is this a chance for the background ponies to get some spotlight, and Hasbro to sell additional merchandise based on them? Maybe a new cast entirely with a more progression-style anime plot line of a young filly learning about her newfound crazy anime power?

    Discuss below!