• Heads Up! Another Massive Round of Possible Generation 5 Information Has Released

    It looks like the Russians that dropped the massive bomb a few weeks ago has let loose another huge set. As with the last one, be careful about sharing the files around if you do come in contact with them. We won't be posting the actual assets here, but they will be everywhere come tomorrow.

    Slight details below since I know some people want to avoid any possible spoiler at all, but we obviously won't be posting assets. This is just a heads up and general information. 

    Like the last round, these are being posted everywhere.

    This includes several rounds of concept art for the mane 6, a possible casting idea for New-Applejack (citing diversity as a goal for the new gen), EG continuation with G5, and loads of other minor tidbits being spammed over on 4chan's /mlp/ board right now. (Venture over there at your own risk)

    Consider none of this to be completely finalized, but do be aware that this information is now out there with many an image that could potentially get you targeted if you were to share them. Post them at your own risk. You know how the internet works though. Discussing it is fine, sharing the assets is not.