• Discussion: What Do you Think of the "Friendship School" Concept?

    Rockin that season 8 spoiler tag for this one. If you don't want to see season 8 stuff, be sure to hide it.

    ANYWAY, we have a new concept permeating throughout season 8. The teaser song yesterday and leaked episodes have already revealed the blunt of it, but we haven't had a dedicated discussion area for all of you to chime in on what you think of it yet.

    Continuing the real spoilery bits below the break.

    It's looking like quite a few episodes are dedicated to it. We know we have a mock-mane cast from the leaked episode covering everything from a yak to a hippogriff. And we know Starlight and the rest of Twilight's friends will be helping teach about friendship. What do you all think of this idea though? Is this taking the idea of teaching friendship a bit too literally? Or does it have a chance to be the Hogwarts of relationships?

    Discuss below!