• What Do You Think of the My Little Pony Season 8 Episode List?

    Since TV listing websites have started displaying the episode list for season 8, I figured there isn't any reason for us not to grab it for some discussion. While the airdates probably aren't correct, we can assume the titles actually are based on what was already uploaded to Youtube.

    Head on down below for the full list of season 8 episodes as taken from TV listing site Premiere Date, plus possible synopsis on KYM. What do you think of what we have to go off of here?

    1    School Daze - Part 1
    2    School Daze - Part 2
    3    The Maud Couple
    4    Fake It ‘Til You Make It
    5    Grannies Gone Wild
    6    Surf and/or Turf
    7    Horse Play
    8    The Parent Map
    9    Non-Compete Clause
    10    The Break Up Breakdown
    11    Molt Down
    12    Marks for Effort
    13    The Mean 6
    14    A Matter of Principals
    15    The Hearth's Warming Club
    16    Friendship University
    17    The End in Friend
    18    Yakity-Sax
    19    On the Road to Friendship
    20    The Washouts
    21    A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
    22    What Lies Beneath
    23    Sounds of Silence
    24    Father Knows Beast
    25    School Raze - Part 1
    26    School Raze - Part 2

    (Synopsis over on Know Your Meme)

    From Premiere Date
    Thanks to Rainbow Fresh, Sarah, and everyone else for the heads up.