• Tails of Equestria: The Festival of Lights Now Available in the US!

    The Latest expansion for Tails of Equestria—The Festival of Lights—is now available for purchase in the United States. This trade paperback book is 60 pages long, and comes with a beautiful cover illustrated by Tony Fleecs, who has taken over drawing the covers for this series from Amy Mebberson.

    Love the work, Tony. Keep it up!

    The book retails for $15.99, and is available through either your local gaming store—ask them to special order the book for you—or directly from Ninja Division through their online store, Soda Pop Miniatures!

    As for why I am avoiding the actual description of the adventure, there's a simple reason for that. The description for the adventure contains massive spoilers for the whole thing. So if you want to go in blind, just hit the add to cart button as soon as the webpage loads!

    Happy Playing everyone!