• Nazi Hitler Pony Going Viral After Chicago Teacher Uses Him for an Assignment

    You may or may not have run into this one if you have relatives/parents/friends that share every reddit thread in existence over on Facebook or Instagram, but It's a thing. A Language Arts class at a school in Chicago used a pony Hitler for their assignment that is now going viral everywhere. Brony teacher? Or just a random Google image grab?

    Outraged parents everywhere are throwing a fit saying the assignment was shocking and inappropriate, completely forgetting that they probably did similar, thought provoking assignments while they were learning. Minus the pony of course. I remember having to write a hypothetical short answer explaining the positives of Hitler winning the war back in high school. Think of how many hoops we had to jump through to solve that one!

    Whether you agree or disagree with the methods, it's still pretty funny to see cartoon horses in the news for something so bizarre.

    Thanks to Miak for sending it.
    From Daily Herald