• Patreon Celebration - December - BAT Bash

    Due to the lack of bats in our editorial earlier, I'm dedicating this month to them! Why not October? Cause bat ponies aren't just night stalking Halloween mascots! Don't be consumed by sterotypes!

    Thanks again to everyone that continues to donate. I know Patreon has some weird changes coming up, so we are looking into what to do there. A few people are requesting alternate methods. Maybe we can slap a bitcoin or Paypal button on the side bar or something. Even if they keep crashing. Poor bitcoins.

    If you just want to go through Patreon though, you can find it over here.  We are up to 264 people donating! Every dollar helps!

    Anyway, it's a busy month so I'm back to ponyin.  Below the break, get your bats, your quotes, and your patreon celebration.

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Shadowkrosser - "Hate's goal is always destruction. It may claim others first, but it only longs to destroy its wielder."

    Specially Trained Derp

    Maldoras - "Bat's are totaly not canon! *enters battle stance*"

    Silver Tail -"Nihil Sine Nefas - Nothing without Sin"

    Veltor- "I like christmas"

    Fizz - "Celestia 2020"

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    Bernard - Find out why he looks like this in the "Foalsitting" episode of my story

    Niels - "Bats, eh?"

    Luster - "Happy Hearth's Warming! Please consider donating a little time or money to make someone else’s holiday a little brighter this year."

    From Fx

    PonyGrove- "Need voice work for your My Little Pony fan project? Look at my casting page for info! castingcall.club/m/Grove"

    All Other Tiers!

    Waterloo - "How does one control the significance of the mind?"

    Frangilot - "Anyone play TERA?"

    Fishviking - No quote but that name is madness

    Bats Badly Balancing on Two Hooves