• Discussion: Santa Moon is Delivering Presents! What Do You Want for Hearths Warming Eve?

    We've all been there. Browsing EQD or Deviant Art when someones incredible fan-creation stirs that lizard brain greed, forcing you to desperately want something. ALL the money echoes through your skull as you dream of owning whatever it is.

    Good news! Luna has decided to start up a new program to help acclimatize everyone to her presense. Seems a lot of people and ponies still aren't too sure if Moony is reliable enough to not go off the deep end and demand endless night again.

    She's dressed up as Santa Moon, has an armada of crafters and toy makers, and plans to distribute gifts to everyone on both Earth and Equestria! They can clone any pony toy, plushie, statuette, or anything else you've seen over the years. No creator is safe from her donut steeling powers!

    What do you ask for? A top tier marble statue of your favorite cartoon horse? Or do you surprise Luna with a request for a socked, bedroom eyed, life-size plushie of herself?

    Go request from Santa Moon below!