• NaPoWriMo 2017 Winners & Participants!

    Twilight couldn't be happier with all her new shipfics!

    Well, the totals have been counted, spreadsheets have been worked and the words have been verified. Folks, it’s time to reveal the winners of National Pony Writing Month!

    First, some general statistics!

    1,595,233 words!
    NaPoWriMo 2017 Total Words Written

    53,174 words a day!
    Collective Average Daily Word Count

    49 authors
    validated their word counts!

    24 authors
    accomplished their personal NaPoWriMo goal set at the beginning of November!

    19 authors
    wrote over 50,000 words, winning both NaPoWriMo and NaNoWriMo!

    "Ponies who shipfic together, stay together. Well known scientific fact!"

    This group endured the hardships of NaPoWriMo and pushed themselves to their limit, stretching every day to make sure they delivered something epic and huge for you! 

    I give you, your NaPoWriMo Winners!

    75K+ Winners

    Cinnabar2003 - A Setting Sun, a Rising Twilight - 105,115 words - Overachiever Award for writing over double his personal word goal! 
    Justice3442 - Star Wars: My Little Sith Lord, Luna the Butcher, Love Call of the Sirens & Additional Stories - 78,925 words 
    Novel-Idea - On the Brewing of Saddle Arabian Teas, Diamonds Amidst the Snow & My Kind of Crazy - 78,888 words
    LaWombat - The Fairy Tale Fiasco - 76,801 words

    50K+ Winners

    Impossible Numbers - Magical Deathmatch - 70,889 words
    AnchorsAway - Passages - 67,819 words 
    Libertydude - Night Jobs, Two Scoops, Cranky and Steve's Final Adventure & Additional Stories - 60,436 words 
    cursedchords - Sun & Moon Act II: A Crown Divided - 56,618 words 
    Drag Orion - Long Distance Friendship - 53,678 words
    The AlbinocornSpectacular Seven - 53,530 words 
    XombieSlayr - The Book Of Friendship - 52,642 words
    PastCat - Parrothead in Paradise: A Ponies After People Story - 52,037 words
    Rune Singer - The Book of Ages - 50,852 words
    Czar_Yoshi - The Olden World - 50,722 words
    Miller Minus - Soundtrack To Our Vacant Lives - 50,382 words
    Kinrah - Predictions & Prophecies - 50,244 words
    CoffeeMinion - To Serve in Hell - 50,163 words
    PortalJumper - Alicornae: The Legend of Starlit Sky - 50,078 words
    TaichiKeaton - Fallen Wrath - 50,033 words

    25K+ Winners

    Fangren - Synchrony & Sunset in Ponyville - 32,302 words
    Ricardo Gomez - Dashed Rainbows - 25,169 words

    10K+ Winners

    Undome Tinwe - Passions in the Fading Sunlight & Additional Stories - 21,354 words
    Madame Ponka - Lunaris & The Final Seconds In Eternity - 20,389 words
    Nighthawk - War for Equestria - 10,052 words

    Late Entry Winners

    RQK - Reflections - 50,865 words

    "There's nothing more magical than a good shipfic..."

    This group fought the good fight and still pushed themselves to stretch for that word count! No matter how close or how far, they did their very best and they won the spirit of NaPoWriMo!

    I give you, your NaPoWriMo Participants!

    20K+ Participants

    rosebug - Two Truths and a Lie - 46,954 
    JayMan155 - The Terrible Tale of Aqua Spark - 42,181 words
    Cakestealer - Friends with a Spy - 26,401 words 
    Takarashi282 - Ballad of the Dawn - 24,363 words

    10K+ Participants

    SG Command - Of Friendships and Warships - 17,471 words
    AsiagoUnicorn - Cake Walk - 13,394 words
    N3k1dsk1llz - A Week of Sunset & Untitled Story - 11,663 words
    Brony250 - The Gift of Hearth's Warming - 11,384 words
    Budhi Agung - Glorious Ectonia - 10,518 words

    1K+ Participants

    Lily Dawn - With The Face Of A Porcelain Doll
    Blade Trail - The Reaper
    Fluttercheer - The Strange Case of Dinky Hooves' Cutie Mark Curiosity
    Dash Aradele - Heartsong and the Unfinished Business
    Monsoon - Royal Guards: Serve and Protect 
    Mystic Thunder - My Little Reclaimer: Friendship Never Dies
    Corvoblu - The Sun's Sickness
    Gray Suede - The Fast Food and the Furious
    EnergeticRider - Meet the Sirens!
    Kiarla - The Last Element
    Vesper Glaive - The Edge of Elsewhere

    Late Participants

    AJVasquezbrony48 - The Price of Being a Princess
    Eroraf86 - Break of Day 

    "I wonder why Twilight always writes shipfics shipping herself with either Rarity or me?"

    Thank you all for your incredible hard work. All of you did an amazing job making this the best NaPoWriMo ever! Don't worry, there's more on the way with upcoming talks about titles, cover art and synopses! I'll see you all then!

    "Hmmm... who to ship next..."