• Bonus Music #106

    Bonus music returns here with 6 new awesome tracks! We've got some progressive and ambient stuff, a few speedier hardcore and drum & bass tunes, and an orchestral piece to round it off. Check them all out below the break!

    [1] Nicolas Dominique - Pillow Monsters Of Book Lake
    Instrumental - Chillout/Ambient
    A thinking piece that combines contemplative melodies and some lovely pad-work to give a rich atmosphere.

    [2] Brohoof Studios & ∆•RYZ - Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday
    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - Happy Hardcore
    An infectiously happy tune making awesome use of vocal samples and some upbeat chord progressions.

    [3] iblank2apples - Not Safe For Books (TCB Remix)
    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - Drum & Bass
    TCB's remixes of contemporary fandom songs continue. The drum * bass flavour works great with the original vocal samples. 

    [4] Jupiter Maroon - V01D
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    A deeply progressive track that flows through some lovely sequences of arpeggiation. 

    [5] ArkticSkies - A Rare Case
    Instrumental - Trip Hop/Piano
    A minimalist piano and drums tune that fits with the noire inspiration of Rarity as a detective. 

    [6] LoneBrony - The Evening Sky
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Some lovely composition gives an almost Disney-esque instrumental feel to this track, with bright strings and uplifting melodies. 

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