• Celebrate the Cutie Mark Crusaders With a Wallpaper!

    We've got your regularly scheduled theme day wallpaper compilation! Below the break, find around 74 wallpapers dedicated to the butt mark brawlers and their close friends. I better hear about desktop wallpapers decked out in these three today!

    Get them all below.

    [1] Source

    Flower Fillies 16:9 by mysticalpha

    [2] Source

    Gabby Wallpaper by SailorTrekkie92

    [3] Source

    Swift Scootaloo WP by AliceHumanSacrifice0

    [4] Source

    DIDNEY WORL IN DA FOOTUR by AdrianImpalaMata

    [5] Source

    One Starry Night by AdrianImpalaMata

    [6] Source

    Scootaloo - grunged by pims1978

    [7] Source

    Wonderbolts Wallpaper - Scootaloo by l13000

    [8] Source

    Scootaloo wallpaper 1 by JamesG2498

    [9] Source

    Scootaloo is Best Pony Wallpaper by Northwestcore

    [10] Source

    Rainbow and Scootaloo by AeliosZero

    [11] Source

    Always Together VIP by illumnious

    [12] Source

    You Are For Me ~ Wallpaper by Karl97

    [13] Source

    Hold on Tight! by Game-BeatX14

    [14] Source

    Scootaloo Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko

    [15] Source

    Don't You Worry Child~ by Emby-Spark

    [16] Source

    Scootaloo's Diary by Nero-Inferno

    [17] Source

    Scootaloo background by sgtwaflez

    [18] Source

    B.S.B.F.F. Wallpaper by Northwestcore

    [19] Source

    Like Sisters- Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo by luckygirl88

    [20] Source

    Wallpaper RD and Scoot flying by Barrfind

    [21] Source

    Mother's Day by JustaninnocentPony

    [22] Source

    Concert Scootaloo by Game-BeatX14

    [23] Source

    Scootaloo Grafitti Wallpaper by PwnageSpartan

    [24] Source

    Party Hard by Game-BeatX14

    [25] Source

    Fighting Spirit - Wallpaper by Tadashi--kun

    [26] Source

    WP - The Bloom Legacy by UtterlyLudicrous

    [27] Source

    Fillies can shine by LeonBrony

    [28] Source

    Apple Bloom is Best Pony Wallpaper (Alt. Version) by Northwestcore

    [29] Source

    Apple Bloom is Best Pony Wallpaper by Northwestcore

    [30] Source

    Apple Bloom Wall by Yo-Cosplay

    [31] Source

    Applebloom Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko

    [32] Source

    Apple Bloom Rock Wall by Yo-Cosplay

    [33] Source

    Autobloom Wallpaper by IIThunderboltII

    [34] Source

    Applebloom Cutie Marked Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko

    [35] Source

    I'm left out by Spntax

    [36] Source

    Sweet Magic by Nero-Inferno

    [37] Source

    [Request] - Sisters' Love by Mithandir730

    [38] Source

    I'M SO CUTE - Sweetie Belle Wallpaper by Juakakoki

    [39] Source

    Sweet Woodlands by TheGreatFrikken

    [40] Source

    Sweetie Belle Cutie Marked Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko

    [41] Source

    Request - Darthwill3 by Laszl

    [42] Source

    CMC Smiles Wallpaper by InternationalTCK

    [43] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders' Horizon by LuGiAdriel14

    [44] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders - Little Angels 16.9 by mysticalpha

    [45] Source

    MLP: The Later Years - No Text by Ivan2294

    [46] Source

    Cutie Mark Cluster 16.9 by mysticalpha

    [47] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders + Babs Seed (Wallpaper) by AdrianImpalaMata

    [48] Source

    Wallpaper: Cutie Mark Crusaders Don't Rest! by ReiRobin

    [49] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Paints Berry 16.9 by mysticalpha

    [50] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Wallpaper - Milkshakes! by JeremiS

    [51] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Wallpaper by Cloud-Twister

    [52] Source

    Putting the Cutie in Cutie Mark Crusaders by UtterlyLudicrous

    [53] Source

    The Perfect Stallion by Amoagtasaloquendo

    [54] Source

    Hearts as Strong as Horses by KibbieTheGreat

    [55] Source

    We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders by ROBBERGON

    [56] Source

    WOTW #11: CMC by DividedDemensions

    [57] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko

    [58] Source

    Cutie Mark Leafsaders by FrogAndCog

    [59] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders - 1920x1080 HD by VipeyDashie

    [60] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Adventure by mysticalpha

    [61] Source

    Crusade by DividedDemensions

    [62] Source

    When the Cutie Marks arrives by FrancisksV

    [63] Source

    This is Happening!? by Spntax

    [64] Source

    Got Their Marks! (Background) by Natsu714

    [65] Source

    CMC Forever! by BrainlessPoop

    [66] Source

    CMC Wallpaper 6 by SailorTrekkie92

    [67] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders by EdwinprGTR

    [68] Source

    The Crusaders by Jamey4

    [69] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Wallpaper by Ardonicek

    [70] Source

    Breaking Babs by PixelKitties

    [71] Source

    Grown-Up Babs Seed by Karl97

    [72] Source

    Babs Seed Wall by Yo-Cosplay

    [73] Source

    Babs Seed - One. Bad. Apple. (Wallpaper) by AdrianImpalaMata

    [74] Source

    Wallpaper - Babs seed by romus91

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