• Best CMC Animations of the Last 7 Years!

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders might not be the main focus of our animation happenings, but they've gotten a healthy amount of attention regardless. Many focus on a specific foal, while others cover all of them. We have a collection of excellent ones below.

    If any were missed, feel free to pop them into the comments!

    [1] Source

    [♫] Don't Mine at Night (Pony Parody) by Jan Animation Studios

    [2] Source

    Beep Beep! by Snapai

    [3] Source

    Scratch21 - Strangers [PMV Animation] by Mr KupKake

    [4] Source

    Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies by Jacob Kitts

    [5] Source

    Apple Bloomers - Magic Crusaders in a Pinch! by Fantasy Blade

    [6] Source

    The Cutie Mark Conundrum by Dinnerjoe

    [7] Source

    Apple Bloom's Hula Hoop Song (Hula hoop song parody) by Holman Animations

    [8] Source

    Summer's Over "MLP ANIMATION" by Derek pony


    [9] Source

    MLP Animation - Sisters in Spirit by Pony Animations