• Bonus Music #96 (New Format!)

    As mentioned here, bonus music is changing to a different format with a higher quality threshold, so the music will hopefully be a bit more appealing to everybody! We've got an acoustic cover of a show song, some piano music, some chilled out electronic vibes and a duet about Fluttershy's shed. Check it all out below the break!

    [1] Daniel Ingram - You're In My Head Like A Catchy Song (EnergyTone & Chaos Angel Cover)
    Vocal - Acoustic
    A nice little cover sung in duet style with Russian-language vocals.

    [2] 4EverfreeBrony - The Last Thing Of Which We Dreamt
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    A lovely piano-centric piece from 4EverfreeBrony as part of the soundtrack for 'Starved For Light'.
    [3] Ataraxia - Dreamscapes
    Instrumental - Piano
    A gorgeous piano piece from Ataraxia inspired by thoughts of Luna's dreams.

    [4] FlutterDash Records - Shed
    Vocal - Piano Pop
    A vocal duet about the famous HotDiggedyDemon portrayal of Fluttershy.

    [5] Ponytronic - Departure
    Instrumental - Electro House
    A soothing electro house tune about Twilight relying on consistent percussion and strong lead synth variation.

    [6] FruityFusion - Going For A Fly
    Instrumental - Chill House
    A chilled out house tune with a driving beat and great use of some vocal samples from the show.

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