• The Show Bible Leak and You - Be Careful About Posting Assets

    As many have realized at this point if our flooded inboxes are any indication, yesterday played host to a MASSIVE leak of show assets. Not only did the rest of season 7 release in this 32gb pack, but the entire show bible (what Lauren Faust used to pitch pony and what subsequent teams use to continue the show), movie scripts, episode scripts, and more were dropped. Luckily nothing from season 8 was revealed, but someone over at DHX, Hasbro, Lions Gate, or wherever they originated is probably back on the job market after this one.

    Lots of people are posting and sharing these assets, and asking why we aren't slapping them up here. This is a little bit different than your usual pony leak. Something of this magnitude is something Hasbro will most likely go out and police if they see. Consider this post a general PSA that publicly posting this material could end up getting you into trouble. Obviously discussing them isn't against any kind of rule, but actually distributing the assets definitely is.

    To go along with this, we obviously wont be posting links to them here on EQD.

    Just be aware. We haven't heard anything out of Hasbro yet regarding the leak, but they aren't the most vocal company on the planet so it isn't too surprising.