• Bonus Music #90

    Bonus music time! Get this speckly crazy colored pony as a header image. She looks interesting.

    And music below.

    [1] Source

    Glow (feat. Mane In Green) by Lullaby

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [2] Source

    Budzy - Risen (Chang31ing Edit) by Chang31ing

    Instrumental - Bass House

    [3] Source

    sound bandit - old tales by sound bandit

    Vocal - Electronic/Mashup

    [4] Source

    ♬ | 4everfreebrony ft. BlackGryph0n - Silhouette | Strigidae Cover by strigidae

    Vocal - Cover

    [5] Source

    【Music】Becoming Popular (Vylet & Syzy Edit) by Vylet Pony

    Vocal - Dubstep

    [6] Source

    Outside the Day - Celestia Save Me (Brony Song) by Outside the Day

    Vocal - Electronic/Rock

    [7] Source

    You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song - Songbird Choir Remix by SongbirdChoir

    Vocal - Orchestral

    [8] Source

    COVER || Rainbow - SIA [MLP Movie 2017] by Wubcake

    Vocal - Cover

    [9] Source

    Rainbow (MLP Movie Cover) by TheMusicReborn

    Vocal - Cover

    [10] Source

    black magic (FREE DOWNLOAD OUT NOW) by PreyMusic Official

    Instrumental - Trap

    [11] Source

    Waking Up - Kat Vwj (Rendition/Cover) by The Official Kat Vwj

    Vocal - Cover

    [12] Source

    PEGAPONY Princess Lunas Theme by PEGAPONY

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [13] Source

    MLP:FiM Sound of the Stars by LoneBronyProductions

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [14] Source

    Name's Bon...Bon Bon by CisumClassic

    Instrumental - Electronic/Rock

    [15] Source

    Pegasus Device Vocal Cover [Original by: Br0racle] by LapiPony

    Vocal - Metal Cover