• Story: Iron Rider Rangelkai

    [Crossover][Romance][Alternate Universe]

    Author: Present Perfect

    Description: One year ago, the parasites known as the Shinion came from the stars to Equestria. Unable to survive without a host, they attach to the back of a pony's head and drain the essence of their emotions, undetected even by their own host. All except one pony, that is. Applejack, as a former Bearer of Harmony, was too powerful and headstrong to succumb to the Shinion's influence. Instead, she twisted her parasite to her own will, combining its power with her own. Now she fights the marauding Shinion as Equestria's hero: the Iron Rider, Rangelkai! But even heroes have their weaknesses... (An action-packed pastiche of the tokusatsu genre of Japanese entertainment, written to be accessible to those unfamiliar with kaiju, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, etc.)

    Iron Rider Rangelkai

    Additional Tags: Tokusatsu, Action, Drama, Tragedic Romance