• "Secrets and Pies" Episode Followup - Pink Pony Perpetually Perplexes Pie Problems

    Secrets and lies pies! It's all secrets and lies pies with those ponies!

    Pleasantries you people perusing the ponynets on this particularly pleasant and peaceful day! Pardon me? Permission to protest pink party pone projecting pie pandemics in Ponyville, posing problems pertaining to peacefulness? Prepare for plenty panicking Pinkie Pie performances proving pretty pressing!

    Phew, phrasing proves painstaking!

    Anyway, yes, welcome to the "Secrets and Pies" episode followup! I'll be your host; Cobalt Comet. Join me below the break as we take a look at Pinkie Pie losing her mind (yet again), gratuitous amounts of pie (I hope there's pumpkin), Rainbow Dash (with freaking laser beams!), and the age old question; how upset are the Cakes with Pinkie Pie constantly cleaning out their bakery stock?

    Note: This Followup is very image-heavy and includes numerous animated GIF images as well. May slow down some computers and mobile devices.

    Obligatory Derpy spotting! Pretty sure this is basically some sort of past-time sport in the fandom at this point. Also, isn't she adorable in her little mailmare uniform?

    The pie Pinkie is baking is meant for Rainbow Dash's 73rd Wonderbotls training session. That's right, she couldn't even wait two more sessions for a more round number. Only Pinkie Pie would keep track of something like Dash's Wonderbolt training sessions so precisely. This is the pony who has a party planning cave and pretty much knows everyone's birthdays by heart and always knows how many days until said birthday. Pretty crazy. But it is Pinkie Pie!

    In this scene Pinkie is essentially acting as a blender with the chocolate bar and chocolate milk, mixing them together before swallowing. I found it interesting because I've actually seen folks do this in real life on rare occasion. It always sorta made me raise an eyebrow, but now that I'm seeing Pinkie Pie do it, I suppose I can't fault them. She is a culinary master, after-all.

    That feeling when you pause on a silly facial expression. Really, I liked this scene because of the cute train imitation Pinkie was performing. But this face makes it even better.

    Pinkie is also extra expressive in this episode, so prepare for plenty of Pinkie Pie expressions!

    Oh hey it's Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger! Looks like they're still training to become Wonderbolts. Good to see them again. I love when we see characters from past episodes lurking in the background.

    "Senpai noticed me!"

    Another interesting expression. I love searching for these. Also, Pinkie Pie and these balloons. It strikes me as interesting such an easy method works for sustaining oneself upon the clouds. Makes me wonder why more ponies don't seem to try it. But perhaps it only works for Pinkie. Using Pinkie logic, it makes perfect sense it may only work for her.

    Rainbow Dash uses the "Whoa! What's that?!" diversion tactic!

    Unfortunately, it's super effective!

    I'm sure Dash enjoyed that pie while Pinkie was conveniently looking the other way though. Nothing odd about this at all, nope.

    Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger are still chatting away back there. Jeez, get a room you two! You're over there shipping it right now, aren't you fandom?

    Also, I think that Wonderbolt back there is named "Lightning Streak". My usual random character-spotting. 

    The trash seems especially colorful today! Then again, the world of Equestria seems like a pretty colorful place. Makes sense the trash would be just as colorful.

    This just in! Element of Laughter and party pony extraordinaire known throughout all Equestria found dumpster diving for scraps in Cloudsdale! What sort of terrible decent into despair and sadness drove this Equestrian celebrity to do such a thing? More on this story at 10.

    And so begins Pinkie's inevitable downward spiral into madness.

    I like how at the end of this scene the janitor pony backs away slowly out of the frame. Probably my reaction as well given the circumstance.

    +1 Decent into madness points.

    This scene basically sums up Pinkie Pie during much of this episode.

    Wow, this is one insightful and wise alligator! He was almost as insightful in episode 100. Almost.

    Also, don't you just love how Pinkie's mane bounces in this GIF? That wasn't intentional, but I'm glad it happened.

    Not only does Pinkie keep an extensive filing system of everyone's birthday's, their likes and dislikes, etc, but she also seems to keep extensive files pertaining to presents and baked goods she's made for everyone. Gotta hand hoof it to her, that's Twilight levels of organization right there.

    Let's see whether Pinkie's suspicions are correct or not...

    It's actually pretty fun to see how many different ways Dash can concoct in ditching Pinkie's pies. This is some next level pie dislike dedication right here.

    "Guess it was nothing. But that custard was everything!"

    Rainbow Dash; smooth-talking criminal.

    It's the return of Ace Detective Pinkie Pie! I also found this scene humorous watching Spitfire, a pony who tends to be very firm and sure of herself most of the time, stutter and wane a bit under Pinkie's questioning. Then again, if I had Pinkie Pie looking at me like this, I would probably stutter too!

    "Are we under investigation?"

    Wonderbolts painted persons of interest in possible pie plot as police piece together portions of puzzle! More on this story at 11.

    "Would you be able to pick these pies out of a lineup?"

    Was genuinely disappointed we didn't get an actual pie lineup after this scene, heh. It would be the exact type of silly thing Pinkie Pie would pull.

    "Thanks-for-lending-me-your-jacket peach pie."

    Pinkie truly does bake a pie for pretty much every occasion.

    "It seems the pieces of the puzzle are plopping into place. But the picture isn't pretty. Note to self: P. Alliteration Pie!"

    Perhaps now you're privy pertaining to the many P's present in this post. Also, prehensile pony mane.

    Somehow I don't think this x-ray is entirely true and accurate to tortoise bone structure and anatomy. Call it a hunch.

    Also note Tank swallows these pies entirely whole. I think this tortoise might be part snake.

    "Perhaps it's a pie pandemic!"

    I actually searched for "pie pandemic" to see if it would turn up any interesting pie-related results. No luck unfortunately. It seems pies have not in fact taken over the world just yet. Just my refrigerator.

    "Day-after-Rainbow-Dash's-Half-Birthday pie"

    These pie days just get more and more silly with each pie.

    I also just want to point out how adorable Cheerilee is. Top tier teacher. Pinkie isn't buying the sweet innocent teacher act though. Quick, Cheerliee, fall back to plan B; arithmetic!

    Pouty Pie.

    I'm not sure what I'm more impressed by; the amount of work Pinkie has put into constructing this evidence board, or the fact she got those pieces of pie to adhere and stay put on it. This might just be Pinkie Pie physics at play though.


    With it's lighted up squares and sound effects this scene had me wondering if I suddenly tuned into a game show. Yes, I'll take, uh, Rainbow Dash for 500 bits, please.

    "I believe I can fly~"

    Everyone please clear the runway. Flight Pinkie Pie is preparing for takeoff.

    +2 Decent into madness points.

    Yet another scene that basically sums up Pinkie Pie in this episode.

    This has me wondering how often this might happen to guests who wander in. All it would take is putting your hoof on the top of the pole ice cream. Or leaning up against it, it seems.

    Applejack: "Do not want!"

    It's sorta like simply staring into the abyss, isn't it, AJ?

    Nose boops!

    This setting: just in time for Halloween. Really though, I quite like this darker re-imagined Ponyville and town hall. The gargoyle statues are pretty cool, actually sorta cute.

    I swear I've seen this OC on at least 50 different occasions. This whole next series of scenes that make up Pinkie's nightmare was probably my favorite part of the entire episode. It's just so utterly silly and ridiculous. And some of the things this nightmare Dash says really gave me a good laugh:

    "Good riddance, strawberry cream and peaches-a-plenty! Begone apple crumble and lemon surprise!"

    Or maybe I'm just very easily amused.

    Yeah, that's probably it.

    Holy moly, it's Rainbow Dash with freaking laser beams!

    So many sneering Pinkie Pie expressions in this episode. And look at how round her head is! I know it sounds silly, but that's the first thing that caught my eye when I paused at this spot. It's just so perfectly spherical.

    "Yes, I will make pies. Lots of pies."

    The way she says that line gave me Chicken Run flashbacks. Looking back on it now, that movie was actually sorta grim.

    I also simply liked this slightly foreboding scene and the way Pinkie sets the stage for her master plan to try and catch Dash in the act of getting rid of her pies. A tad suspenseful.

    These expressions sometimes...

    "Operation Pie of Lies is a go!"

    Baked with nothing but deceit and disappointment.

    Just felt like including this fun scene with Pinkie rolling an apple up and down her arm. Like I said before, I'm quite easily amused.

    Applejack inquiring about how to exit the Party Planning Cave, haha. Don't you remember the episode "Party Pooped", AJ? You simply slide back up the slide! Silly apple horse. Seriously though, they must have found their way back out last time.

    The type of image that launches a thousand fanfics. What do you mean I'm way too late to that bandwagon? What do you mean I'm underestimating the fandom? What do you mean I keep asking myself redundant questions?

    *War flashbacks*

    Y'know, I'm just going to leave this one's commentary up to all you fine folks out there.

    Unofficial Wake Your Friends Up Day? I think most of us who have had roommates have known this day at some point in time. Minus the delicious pie unfortunately.

    I just love when Dash makes a face like this. Too cute!

    She actually built a tunnel system through her house that leads directly from her bedroom to Tank's food dish just for this type of emergency. Like I said earlier; this is a whole new level of pie dislike dedication.

    And here we see Tank gobble a pie whole. Part snake I tell ya. If he keeps eating pies like this he's going to get a wicked bad tummy ache! Oh wait, he already has.

    It breaks my heart to see Pinkie look so defeated in this scene.

    I thought that poster on the wall was of Lightning Dust. I was wondering why Dash would have a poster of Lightning Dust on her wall. Then for a brief moment I thought it could be Wind Rider. Which would also seem rather odd given what happened in "Rarity Investigates!". But this is actually the exact same poster that was in the locker room in "Newbie Dash" and the general consensus seems to believe it's Lightning Dust. What do you think? In either case, Dash having a poster of either of them on her wall is sort of awkward.

    +3 Decent into madness points.

    Rainbow Dash uses diversion tactic again!

    It's not very...

    I guess Pinkie should have looked this time.

    It's nice to see the Pinkie Pie tree is bearing good fresh Pinkie Pie's this season.

    They finally got her to sit still long enough to strap her down. They've finally caught... the Pinkie Pie.

    "They're coming to take me away, ho ho he he ha ha, to the funny farm! Where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats!"

    +4 Decent into madness points.

    On a more serious note, it's good to see they have medics close by at all times. Figure there's gotta be a fair amount of crashes around their training areas.

    Yet another fun Pinkie Pie expression. This one actually sorta reminds me of another cartoon character. And yes, I know there are images of her with his actual smile.

    In this scene Pinkie explains to Dash that the only possible way to save her is for Dash to eat the pies. But in Pinkie Pie's haste, I think she may have left out one important detail. Namely that wings still exist. Poor Pinkie, she just can't catch a break.

    Watching this pile of pies wobble back and forth is sorta hypnotic.

    +5 Decent into madness points.

    +6 Decent into madness points.

    +7 Decent into madness points.

    Okay, the few extreme expressions Pinkie makes here were just too darn good to pass up. They also seem quite familiar. Feels like I've seen them used in other cartoons as well, but I can't place any specific instances off the top of my head right now.

    Goodness, it's just like a locust swarm! An incredibly adorable locust swarm. But at least the pie is going to a good cause this time and not being thrown in the trash or on the ground.

    +8 Decent into madness points.

    For some strange reason I get the distinct feeling Sugar Cube corner may be out of baking supplies right now. Call it a hunch.



    And at this point I think it's safe to say Pinkie Pie has left the building. It can only get better from here though, right?

    All this talk about madness and not one single Sparta joke. I'm proud of myself. Good job, me. Thanks, other me.

    Or maybe not. It's at this point Dash decides to lightly troll Pinkie by trying to decide what size of a bite she should take in an effort to buy herself some time until Pinkie needs to inevitably blink. So cruel, Dash. So cruel.

    Naturally this just leads to more fantastic Pinkie Pie expressions.

    You really gotta feel for Pinkie right now. She's a complete wreck and you can tell she's really struggling to both remain polite and calm to Dash and hopefully catch Dash in the middle of her lie. Let's see how this plays out...

    "Do you have any... milk?"

    And with that final calculated move on Dash's part, Pinkie Pie can't stave off the blinking any longer...

    [You are now watching in slow-mo.]

    Wow, Pegasus wings sure are prehensile! Dash just completely wrapped a present super swiftly with nothing but her wings. Wings have over time slowly become more and more like hands. But I think that's about as dexterous as they can get now.

    But anyway, Dash cleverly sneaks her way out of another pie. Or does she?

    Nope, she certainly doesn't. Pinkie, having had enough of the shenanigans, erupts in a pink fireball of fluffy ill-tempered emotions, finally confronting Dash about her not liking or eating the pies.

    Is it just me, or does Pinkie look extra cute and petite in this image? I just want to hug her. But uh, maybe later. Now seems to be a bad time.

    They're onto us...

    I simply happened to pause at this moment and got a little chuckle out of it. Perhaps you'll get a chuckle out of it as well.

    Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing Pinkie Pie!
    Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing Pinkie Pie!

    Oddly enough, if you'll recall back, Pinkie had this exact reference in the episode "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows".

    You can just see the worry on Dash's face here. She's thinking to herself: "Oh please don't let that balloon pop, oh please don't let that balloon pop!"

    Whelp! Looks like the cat is out of the bag. Or rather, the pie is out of the sky.

    I also like Dash's cute little "Heh heh!" laugh right after this scene.

    Applejack's eyebrow: The true ever-present mastermind behind this show.

    Dash, Applejack, and Twilight convene back at the castle to try and sort out the mess Dash has made. Applejack and Twilight explain to Dash that she shouldn't have lied to Pinkie, or to any of them for that matter. Dash, now realizing her mistake, sets out to try and make amends with Pinkie. Let's see what sort of plan she has cooked up...

    " I know I should have been honest with you from the start because lying to your friends is wrong. And because getting rid of all those pies was a giant hassle."

    Applejack and Twilight's reactions pretty much sum things up perfectly after that response.

    Twilight: Heh, everything is fine...
    Applejack: D'oh!

    Pinkie knows exactly how many pies she's baked for Dash over the years. She has a very detailed "pieling" system. Heh, word puns. We saw some of her "pieling" system earlier in the episode. Seems like she keeps track of each pie she bakes! Or perhaps at least the ones for special occasions and friends.

    Dash explains how she thought the hassle of getting rid of all the pies was worth it to spare Pinkie's feelings, but realizes now she was wrong. So to make up for it, she decided to bake her own pie to eat in front of Pinkie. And what sorta of culinary delight has Dash whipped up?

    ... if this isn't enough of a reason to keep Dash as far away from the kitchen as possible, nothing is. In fact, I'm more certain she baked this in a construction yard than in a kitchen. Is that... concrete?

    My sentiments exactly, Pinkie...

    "Is that crust of some kind of concrete?"

    Thank you, Pinkie! It's amusing when a cartoon character echoes your exact thoughts.

    "Yeah, honestly I have no idea."

    Dash is willing to eat something potentially hazardous that she somehow doesn't even know the ingredients of in a plea to try and smooth things over and apologize to Pinkie. Dang. Gotta hand it to Dash, that takes guts. Guts she won't have if she follows through with eating this, as Pinkie Pie so eloquently put it; "smelly circular monstrosity".

    Using the pie scenes from earlier in the episode with a little added context to the end show just how much Dash enjoying the pies meant to Pinkie. This makes Pinkie realize the whole reason Dash was willing to go to such great lengths to conceal her dislike of them was the same reason Pinkie went to such great lengths to make them; their love of seeing their friends happy.

    D'aww, isn't that cute? Though perhaps Dash should have taken a quick bath before any hugs were exchanged.

    "Uh, I could've told her that."

    Hah! Honest AJ, ladies and gentlemen.

    Rainbow Dash: "How bout this? Your hugs are too tight."
    Pinkie Pie: "Ha ha ha! No they're not." *pat pat*

    Quite the cute and silly ending to a pretty good episode! The moral of this episode was to be honest with your friends. A good classic moral. Overall I really enjoyed this episode. And not only because I really like pie. Well, perhaps partially because I really like pie. But it was a nice fun slice of life episode. Eh, ehhh? Sorry, I'm terrible at pie puns any which way you slice it.

    That concludes this episode followup. I have a sudden hankering for some pie. Fancy that, right?

    What were your thoughts and opinions regarding this episode?

    This is Cobalt "Smol Bat" Comet signing off. Until next time!